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Zir0 01-17

Hair color: Blonde and various shades of blue on top.

Headgear: None.

Eye color: Bright blue and yellowish bright green.

Earphones: Black mini earpiece with hidden mic.

Clothing: See the concept art. Always with his blue hoodie trench and has shoe laces open. Not seen much without glasses. 

Nationality/Race: Unknown.

ZIR0 02-20

Zir0 02-20 teaser

ZER0 02-20 Teaser

ZIR0 02-20 is Zir0's "adult" voice bank. ZIR0 02-20 is designed to be his voice at age of 20, what is the reason for the nickname "adult" voice bank.  

Zir0 is gonna get Scream and Whisper voices with his normal singing voice to be included in ZIR0 02-20 voice bank series. His Scream voice bank will be full on scream and goes perfectly with hevier rock and metal songs. Zir0's Whisper won't be a real whisper. His whisper will be more like Kaito's V3 whisper, what is softer and not as sharp voice compared to his normal voice bank. 


  • Height 199cm (6'7 ft)
  • Weight 95 kg (200 Pounds)
  • Zir0's adult ver. (ZIR0 02-20) will have Scream and Whisper banks to go with his normal voice.
  • Zir0's character design is highly inspired by protagonist characters designs from the video game Devil May Cry.
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