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Yuune Mito.png 

(Japanese: 優音ミト - Yuune Mito)
優音 (Yuune) - Meaning Superior Sound :
ミト(Mito) - Comes from the Kanji "認" that means 'To witness' or 'believe'
TYPE: Human
MODEL: M-01 - ("M" signalising the First letter of the creators name, "01" singalising that it is his first utauloid)
Soryuushi Sanso (Cousin)
AGE 16 GENRE Ballads, Traditional, Folk music HOMEPAGE Youtube
WEIGHT 176 lbs (80 kg) consists mostly of muscles CHARACTER ITEM Shinai CREATOR Marius Alexandersen
HEIGHT 6'7" feet (200 cm) VOICE SOURCE Marius Alexandersen PICTURE LINK LIST Piapro
Deviant Art
BIRTHDAY See Release Date LIKES Electronics (anything that has a circuit in it.) MEDIA LIST Nico Nico Douga


RELEASE DATE 13th of April, 2012 DISLIKES Flames, Heat, Loud Noise (A Housefire from his childhood still haunts his memories) SIGNATURE SONG '二息歩行'
PERSONALITY: Mito can be considered to be friendly, easy to get to know. He enjoys being with friends loves to show off. He's a bit childish in nature, but acts like a gentleman when needed. He has a very special ability to ignore people if they try to annoy him. He himself is also very good at annoying other people, he twist every word they say, points out grammatical errors and such. Even though he is friendly, he shows no sympathy or empathy towards others and rather enjoy other's pain.

Download and Information

  • His Voicebank currently supports Japanese CV and VCV
  • All samples are encoded in Romaji with Hirigana Alias'
  • Because of the VCV was made with a Lite list rather than a full, CV samples are used to compansate for the lack of samples, this doesn't decrease the overall quality of the finished product.
  • Frequency Avarage: 129,7 (C3)
  • Number of Samples: 207
  • Compressed Size of 29,4MB
  • Uncompressed Size of 48,2MB

His CV + VCV can be downloaded here

Design, Outift

Hair color: Dark Blue

Standard Artwork

Headgear: Bandages

Eye color: His left eye is light-blue, his right eye however has a complete absence of both the iris and the pupil making it white in appearance. It is also the reason for covering it up.
Earphones: None
A long dark purple coat going down all the way to his knees.

The coat's armlength stops at his elbows to reveal bandages going all the way to his wrist.
The coat is open and reveals bandages covering his entire body.
He has Blue Saggy pants with a pink belt.

Artwork for ACT 2.0 (Not released yet)

The pants also stops at his knees where it has been torn off.

The rest of the legs are covered in bandages including both feet.
He also has bandages on his head, he has bandages on his forehead under his hair which later on the right side of his head turns over the hair.
Bandages also covering his left eye.
His pupils are also slit.
Nationality/Race: Norwegian/Scandinavian

ACT 2.0

A new voicebank are being planned. It will most likely include a English CV-VC voicebank, a full Japanese VCV and a full Japanese CV. Artwork for the ACT 2.0 is already created.

Sample of Usage

Shima Uta
Saihate Ballade

Contacting the Creator

There are a number of ways you can contact the creator, some of them are listed below:

Twitter: @Mariuspersem

Youtube: Mariuspersem

Email: Marius_kule@hotmail.com

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