(Japanese: 和奏悠 - わかなゆう - Wakana Yuu)
和奏 (Wakana; Harmony and To play music) - Meaning "Play harmonies." She prefers to sing harmony to melody.
悠 (Yuu; Distance or Eternity) - Referring to the fact that the original phonetics for her voice (later fixed) sounded very far off, making her singing always sound like it was coming from far away.
TYPE: UtauloidMODEL: 5683
GENDER Female (a crossdresser) VOICE RANGE G2-G5 RELATED CHARACTERS Yuuki Wakana (older brother, made by changing gender factor to g17)
Yuuka Wakana (little sister, made by changing gender factor to g-30)
Utake Kochiro (best friend)
Alexander Skeffington (vest buddy)
Ai Kotone (love interest)
AGE 19 GENRE Slow but Driven songs (electro, some pop, soft rock) HOMEPAGE Creator's DeviantART
Yuu's Official IC Blog
WEIGHT 135 lbs (61.23 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Ace Bandages CREATOR ElvishHobbit/Eri Contrary
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'11" feet (180.34 cm) VOICE SOURCE ElvishHobbit/Eri Contrary PICTURE LINK LIST n/a
BIRTHDAY February 29, 1992 LIKES travel, her glasses, harmonies, chamber music, dragons, being taken for a guy MEDIA LIST n/a
RELEASE DATE March 10th, 2010 DISLIKES being treated as weak, sweating, singing high notes, dry food SIGNATURE SONG N/A
PERSONALITY: Yuu has been fairly androgynous her whole life. She's very secretive and shy. The glasses she wears are worn solely because she likes them and believes they are better than anyone else's.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Royal Blue
Headgear: Grey sweatband
Eye color: Teal
Earphones: Big, boxy noise-canceling gray and blue headset.
Skin tone: Ivory
Dress: black vest, sometimes with a loose, somewhat unbuttoned white shirt underneath, with a red tie (sometimes under the shirt her binding is visible) tight black pants with sandals. She also always has spare bandages (always red) wrapped around her left hand.
Nationality/Race: Human; half Okinawan, half Polish
Favorite phrase: "But my glasses are far superior to yours!”

Voice Configuration

Yuu's voice is made for Japanese and English, and her voicebank was recently updated to flow better. Her creator is debating whether more phonemes and/or triphones should be added.
Her voice was recording using a low woman's voice, making her range more masculine by default.

Her current voicebank is available here:

Popular Appearances

On Youtube, and Nico, her cover of Old Radio is viewable, if one uses her, the creator has asked you show it so it can see.
Nico Nico:

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  • The creator is planning to remake Yuu's voice bank at some point in future.
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