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(Japanese: 冬至ユリ - とうじゆり - Touji Yuri)
冬至 (Touji) - Winter Solstice

ユリ (Yuri) - Lily

TYPE: MTIS (Metis)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE A#2 ~ C#6 (Based on UTAU's logical range data only) RELATED CHARACTERS NONE
AGE 17 (Physical age only) GENRE ANY HOMEPAGE Seasonal. (Official blog/website )
WEIGHT 141 lbs (64 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Her notable headphones, maybe? CREATOR Ree-chan/SakuneUtau04
BIRTHDAY August 14, 19xx (Production Date (Story-based)/First release date) LIKES Snow or any type of cool weather, snowflakes, sweets, and bunnies. (First development was during December) MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE, SOUND CLOUD
RELEASE DATE June 28, 2014 DISLIKES Vermin, being in front of crowds and warm weather. SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Yuri has a kind temperament and dislikes being the center of attention, especially in front of crowds. She is also known to be overly optimistic at times, unless her mood has been brought down and can be easily tricked when distracted and due to these, she is often mistaken as an airhead. However, she is able to turn serious if the need arises and may sometimes scare others off due to the sudden change.

Supplemental Information


Hair color: Lavender
Eye color: Blue (R), Violet (L robotic eye)
Outfit: Her outfits change as her notable headgear remains to be the only consistent accessory she wears. However, she is mostly drawn with a large, white lab coat with sleeves folded above the elbows, fastened by belts. A dark grey sleeveless sweater is worn underneath, and its detached sleeves end above the elbows as well. Deep blue denim mini shorts are then worn as bottoms with thigh-highs, with two belts fastened across her upper right thigh.
Footwear: She sports brown folded combat boots with short, 2-inch heels.
Others: A thick belt is worn slanted across her waist with the same LED screen as her headphones, but acts as a music player. If no music is played, a waveform of her voice will appear and/or piano pitches when singing unless disabled. The belt also works together with the headphones and will display the default smiley if taken off/disabled.


Hobbies: Preparing desserts, hacking appliances
Favorite Quote: “If there’s will, there’s a way.”

Voice Configuration

There are other available versions of her voice bank that could be downloaded from the official website. but they are all old versions. CV versions are available, but the Shuusei (multi-pitch) version's OTO.ini is only partially complete, and thus the only complete, fully-functional and frequently-used voice bank would be the VCV one.

Also, her voice banks do not work well with “fresamp”, so it’s suggested that you use the default resampler.

UPDATE 5/21/2015: A CVVC voice bank is in progress.

UPDATE 7/19/2015: Her CVVC OTO is done, but finishing touches are made. Possible release date: August 2015



Character Information


Usage Clause

  • This UTAU voice bank is made for free distribution and not for commercial use.
  • Do not edit this voice bank and claim it as your own.
  • This voice library can be used mainly for UTAU and other sound synthesis tools, etc. 
  • Secondary distribution is not allowed regardless if the source files, character txt., image and/or frequency files are modified.
  • It is acceptable to distribute unofficial original user-created settings/files. 

※ Secondary distribution terms and conditions may change.   

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