Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Clothing: (new ref sheet soon)
Nationality/Race: Filipino-Japanese

Voicebank Information/Distribution

Double Bass (instrument VB):

  • Instrument VB consisting of double bass samples
  • Has 7 pitches: A1, D2, G2, C3, F3, A#3, and D#4
  • Use with Moresampler

Planned Voicebanks

Note that these are just plans and none of these are confirmed unless said so.

CVVC Normal:

  • New voiced VB in place of his old CV bank
  • Will have 3 pitches: D3, G3 and C4

CVVC Megiddo:

  • Will have 2 sets: normal and soft, with 3 pitches each. (Normal: E3, A3, and D4; Soft: G3, C4 and F4)
  • Will have start/end breaths, vocal fry, glottal stops

VCCV Breakthrough:

  • English bank
  • Will have 3 pitches: E3, A3, and D4

Other VBs


  • Set as private, and will never be distributed.
  • Normal CV
  • Monopitch
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