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(Japanese: 妙なる揺ら - たえなるゆら - Taenaru Yura)

妙なる (Taenaru; derived from "妙なる調べ," meaning "enchanting melody;" a reference to his suave personality)
揺ら (Yura; derived from "揺ら揺ら," an onomatopoeia for "slowly swaying" or "trembling;" a reference to his playboy tendancies.)

MODEL: The swimsuit and underwear kindNONE

Nagare Zensoukyoku (the target of his romantic endeavors)
Fuyu Komorika (right-hand lady)

Suterusu Zensoukyoku (left-hand lady)
Kakou Higure (employee, friend)
Vy Onnarashikoe(employee, pet)

AGE 19 GENRE Varied; capable of very fast and very slow songs HOMEPAGE

None currently

WEIGHT 175 lbs (76 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Business-related objects (clipboard, pen, cellphone, notebook, etc) CREATOR Kero-sempai
HEIGHT 6'1" feet (186 cm) VOICE SOURCE Kero-sempai

(aka UPPERCLASSamphibian on YouTube)



BIRTHDAY August 22 LIKES His job, Nagare Zensoukyoku, his employees, other people who fit his interpretation of cute or interesting MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE March 2010 DISLIKES Impossible business deals, getting behind on paperwork, men from Brazil SIGNATURE SONG Iroha Uta (cover)
PERSONALITY: In most situations, Yura is a suave and smooth-talking gentleman with a way of getting what he wants, making him a natural businessman. He is generally very well-tempered and enchanting, with plenty charm and a flamboyant personality that enamores most people. However, in particular cases, with people that he is very close to, he can be more of a dork.

A comic, centering on the events that occur in and around Yura's company program, has been released (as of 1 Oct 2012). The first page came be found here , and subsequent pages will appear at the deviantART profile linked above. The update schedule is currently assumed to be every other Friday.

Say It or Sing It - An UTAU comic

The Zensoukyoku siblings, Suterusu and Nagare, are out on the streets and down on their luck. After getting themselves evicted because of a far overdue rent payment, Suterusu notices an ad on the street offering free board and sustenance to unrecognized singing talent in exchange for contract work. More or less ignoring Nagare's suspicions of a scam, she dials the listed number and speaks with the program leader (Yura Taenaru), who advises them to come to a set of open auditions that afternoon.
Upon their entering his office, Yura is promptly taken with the younger brother Nagare, who is greatly miffed by the obvious display of interest. Determined to win the adorable but stubborn young singer's heart (among other things), Yura frequently turns up the charm and pesters Nagare in various settings, situations, and with all kinds of crowds, resulting in much shenanigans. Many other UTAU make appearances; who will be next to perform the raucous inner silence that can only be expressed through song?

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark brown, with three gold streaks on the bangs
Eye color: Dark green
Earphones: Has access to several company headphones; changes on the day
Outfit: Black stiff-collar jacket, short-sleeve grey camo shirt, dark blue/black jeans, black vans/converse. Optional/alternative accessories listed in CONCEPT ART linked above
Nationality/Race: American with French and Japanese roots

Voice Configuration

Voicebank is currently on hold, waiting for better equipment to record act03 CV-VC.


The information currently found on this page is edited by Kero-sempai, Yura's creator and voice source. The details seen here are subject to change without prior notice.