YUNA NANAMI (ユウナ 名波)


yuna(ユウナ): elegant, sophisticated, friendly, pleasant, caring

Nanami(名波): seven, seas, huge (in this case her name would mean great kindness or something like that)

voice donor: Carolina aka chibi7raven (youtube) yuniexatemu(deviantart)

heigth / weigth
1.65 / 120p
Birth 7 july
Age 16
Model J7
eye colors

right green

left blue

voice range c4-c5
Related Character

Yun Nanami

(brother / genderbend)


She is usually too shy to meet people but when she make friends is very open and charismatic is a girl who would give everything for their loved ones with her close friends is often very abrupt (in a friendly sense) she can be a little Yandere (naa I would say is a mix of both tsundere and yandere) those who do not know her would say that she's very kawaii but is not so true..... she hides a strong temper ...

Voice bank

Act1 cv-vcv ref(NOT OFICIAL ANYMORE)

ACT1 : CV and VCV(80% done) her voice in this act sounds more serious and mature ... reads romaji and hiragana.

have extra fonems for spanish and a little of english



ACT2: CV here her voice sound more higher .... reads romaji and hiragana

have extra fonems for spanish and a little of english


new oto ini

Yun (male voice bank) included





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