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Zutto tomodachi de iyou.
—"Let's always be friends."

Yume Shiawasena (幸せな 夢), is a sweet hyperactive girl who loves to interact with people. She is very social and tries to befriend everyone.


She is an alien girl, from an unknown planet. She came to earth as a teen with her two sisters. And learned to live among the humans, she loves singing and bringing smiles to people.


  • Candy
  • Friends
  • Anime
  • Red meat


  • Arrogant people
  • The dark


  • Yume (唄音) - Dream.
  • Shiawasena (ウタ) - Happiness.



  • Hair color - Light Greyish Blue.
  • Headgear - A yellow star shaped hairclip.
  • Eye color - Dark blue.
  • Ears - Downward pointing elf ears with yellow ear piercings.
  • Outfit - A pink dungeree style dress with yellow, white and pink accents. She wears a white shirt with yellow accents underneath. Knee high pink boots with yellow and dark pink accents and high heels. She also wears white gloves with yellow cuffs.


  • Hair color - very saturated blue.
  • Headgear - A fluffy white hairtie.
  • Eye color - Dark blue.
  • Ears - Downward pointing elf ears with pink ear piercings and yellow star earrings.
  • Outfit - A white dress with a yellow bustline, a pink petticoat underneath and two yellow rings around her waist. She is also wearing a pink jacket with a fluffy rim around the top and a yellow rim around the bottom the shiawasena logo is on the back in blue and also on the front but smaller and black, the clasps of the jacket are also blue. blue soled wedge boots with a white front part, some fluff in the middle and yellow clasps beneath it. loos yellow clasps above it with some dangling stars. Also white kneesocks with yellow star cutouts on the sides.


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Act 1 CV E3~G5 "A sharp voice bank" DL
Act 3 CV D#3~A#4 "A much softer voice bank" DL
Act 4 CV F3~C5 "A somewhat clearer voice bank" DL
Yume shiawasena CV CV F3~A4 "A mature clear voice bank" DL
Yume shiawasena VCV VCV D#3~A#4 "A mature clear smoother voice bank" DL

VCV Voice samples

Ust by ROBOTEYELINER & jingodatta

Cover by Ryzz_tan