Yukon Novaloid

Yukon profile picture.png
UTAU icon
type: Animaloid UTAUloid
gender female
age 1 (human years)

15(dog years)

weight 16 kg
birthday 26/March/19
breed Nova Scotia Duck Toller
likes Food, naps, video games, walks, wwII docs, computers, shiny pretty rocks.
dislikes summer heat, sharp rocks, baths, water, slow feeder bowls.
Character item ar-15/ yellow duck plush (name: Marble)
About yukon is fairly aggressive towards strangers. She has a obsession with wwII

and usually spends her free time watching documentaries on it. Yukon also

works on computers as a hobby and is very good at it.

natonality Canadian
related characters Koronba 4GOU (Friend)
creator/voice/artist Mint.shiba.tea (Mac_n_Cheems)
links https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwVgP4v-UMKNhjuIJ6iYNrg
languages Japanese Kana encoded, Romaji Encoded Vb


burnt orange with cream and syrup colored patches of fur. Wears a Sea green collar and a pancake beret with a ribbon that looks like a piece of raw bacon along with a black headset with blue and orange stripes


Yukon has been a work in progress since November 2020 and was made with the help of her creators brother. Yukons design was originally based on the Butter Dog meme but went through a few changes and developments. Yukon has been through many trials and tribulations and still isn't completely finished but she is in the works.



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