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(Japanese: テクリネ雪 - てくりねゆき - Tekurine Yuki)
テクリネ (Tekurine; Random last name created by his creator. Comes from the mixture of the word "Tequila" and the last name "Megurine".)
(Yuki; Snow)
MODEL: DMLoid001
GENDER Male (Bisexual) VOICE RANGE From G2 to G4 RELATED CHARACTERS Yuki Tekurine (Female) (Lost twin sister, obtained by pitch manipulation [g-15 and 1 tone up])
Haruhiko Michea (Best friend)
Camila Melodia (Idol)
AGE 17 GENRE J-pop, pop and ballades HOMEPAGE Yuki Tekurine's Homepage (Still under development)
Official YouTube Account
WEIGHT 150 lbs (68 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Yaoi Manga/Tequila CREATOR Konato Izumi
HEIGHT 5'4" feet (160 cm) VOICE SOURCE Konato Izumi PICTURE LINK LIST None at the moment
BIRTHDAY November 22, 1993 LIKES Anime, Manga, Music, Anything related to Japan. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE January 3, 2010 DISLIKES People that don't care about ecology. SIGNATURE SONG "La canción psicótica de amor de Yuki Tekurine" [Yuki Tekurine's Psychotic Love song][Spanish Fandub done in UTAU], "Andar conmigo"[Be my couple][Spanish]
PERSONALITY: He is very shy with people,when you befriend him he will be very kind to you. He loves Earth with all his heart and is always trying to save it from harmful things done by humans.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light Blue / Metallic Blue
Species: Neko-Human Hybrid
Eye color: White / Emerald Green (Depends on his mood
Sexual Preference: Bisexual, but more attracted to males.
Dress: Polo shirt in black,orange or blue with jeans / White shirt with a light blue tie, a black or gray vest and gray or black pants
Nationality/Race: Mexican

When he's mad he uses his Cryokinesis (Control over ice) to harm the one who is making him mad. He wants to be a great chef one day.

Voice Configuration

Yuki can officially sing Japanese and un-officially Spanish. However his creator is developing a Spanish and English voicebank. His voicebank is encoded in romanji with kana support.

He can sing in a higher tone by using the flags from g-3 to g-7

He can sing in a lower tone by using the flags from g+3 to g+10

In order to obtain his genderbend you have to use the flag g-15 and move the UST one tone up (12 keys).

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