(Japanese: 魔法雪 - 魔法ユキ - まほうゆき - Mahou Yuki)
魔法 (Mahou; Magic)
雪 (Yuki; Snow) - Yuki, written as 幸, also means happiness, but it is not the intended translation.
When featuring, the author prefers her name to be written as Mahou Yuki, because the name is Japanese and not western. Her creator dislikes people altering it into Yuki Mahou, so please refrain from doing so.
TYPE: AE UTAU - A play on the author's name.

Yukito (Hated demon male counterpart, g+15)
Yukiko (Younger version, g-5)
Aelien Yuki (ACT 1 Yuki, horribly broken prototype)
Tahirah (Fellow AE UTAU)
Iris (Fellow AE UTAU)
Luka Megurine (Idol)
Camila Melodia (Friend)
Keika Yumene (Friend)

Aline Enbukyoku (Friend)
Shura Kirane (Friend and compatriot)
Zuii Takoe (Friend)

Maki Watase (Obnoxious friend who bugs/stalks Yuki)

AGE 19 (This is the age she is intended to embody.) GENRE Various HOMEPAGE Aërendyll
WEIGHT UNKNOWN CHARACTER ITEM Ace of Spades playing card CREATOR Aërendyll
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 175 cm (5'7" feet) (Usual height, but can change, as she can morph.) VOICE SOURCE Aërendyll PICTURE LINK LIST OFFICIAL ART ACT 3, PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, , GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY February 26, 2009, LIKES Cats, computer games, potato crisps, girls MEDIA LIST NICO-NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE September 17, 2009 (ACT 3 BETA Release)
April 26, 2009 (ACT 2 Release)
DISLIKES Yukito, dogs, dirty places SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Yuki is a bit naive and curious. She's really eager to discover new stuff, but that also gets her into trouble easily. While she isn't the type to provoke others on purpose, she has a tendency to agitate others with her curiosity.
Yuki easily bottles up her feelings and doesn't talk much about it. She can get very emotional over sad events and stories, which only shows when she starts to lose control over her temper.

Usage Policy

To prevent abuse of Yuki's voicebank her creator has set up a usage policy. Nothing outrageous is asked, but it's still documented for referencing purposes.

I. Subject restrictions:

1) You will not use Yuki in a racist, hate fuelling, violence promoting, discriminating or downright insulting manner. Having these as a song subject is okay, but not in a way that promotes, praises, encourages, etc.
2) You are not allowed to make Yuki fall in love with a guy.
3) Romantic crushes should be age 15 and up. Technically 14 should still be okay as Yuki is 19 years old, but I think that is simply too young.
4) No explicit gore is allowed. Blood imagery and suggestion is okay, but no details on things like wounds, damage to organs, etc. Canibalism is not okay either.
5) You are not allowed to make works using Yuki that depict or are about outrageous sexual activities. (A list of them is found in the usage policy that comes with her voicebank. It's not put up here due to rather explicit wording.)
6) No songs about Yuki taking drugs or drinking alcohol are acceptable.
7) You are not allowed to make Yuki sing any religious songs themed around religions that revolve around one or multiple gods. For other religions, ask first.
8) No political propaganda. Anthems are allowed if they do not promote religion, hate or anything else already restricted in this User Agreement and there is no restriction by the anthem's country on covering said anthem.

II. Voice acting:

1) You are allowed to use Yuki for voice acting rather than songs. The aforementioned subject restriction rules still hold true, however.

III. Redistribution and edits:

1) You will not redistribute her voicebank or modifications of it. This is including, but not limited to: your personal domain, site, blog, etc., any file sharing site, e-mail, any instant messenger client, offline means (CD, USB, etc.) and any other ways.
Linking to her online voicebank is allowed, on the condition that you link to her voicebank folder on MediaFire and NOT to the files themselves.
2) Before you go ahead and publish a video or audio file with a Yuki fanmade or edit, please ask permission for it first.
3) Any edits, fanmades, etc. Are not to be redistributed in any way. Instead, link back to Yuki's original voicebank. If it's a fanmade with flags, feel free to share the specifics for those flags with others.
4) Always give me credit when you publish a video or audio containing your Yuki edit.
5) You have no obligation to stick to Yuki's appearance and overall character. However, the sexual orientation rule still applies no matter how much you change her appearance and personality.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Butterscotch blonde with a spikey ponytail (it looks like it's starshaped from the front and back)
Headgear: Hairclips shaped like a cross in her bangs.
Eye color: Brown
Earphones: Black Earphones decorated with white spade symbols on the ear parts and cat ears near the top.
Dress: Usually wears just white and black clothes with silver accents (e.g. for accessoires, like a chain or jewelry). Her clothes might also contain references to the spade symbol and/or cats. Any lights used for decorations are usually coloured in icy blue/cyan, but can be any colour that appears in the northern light. See concept art for details. Her design isn't set in stone, but it usually sticks to a tomboyish/crossdressing style.

Voice Configuration

Yuki originally was created as a romaji voicebank and currently supports both hiragana and romaji input.

Her voicebank is currently being redone and is currently not available. Please wait for further announcements regarding her voicebank.

Act information

Unlike most UTAUs, Yuki's acts do not resemble rerecording but added features.

Act 1: Released for April Fools 2010, lacks an oto.ini file, romaji only, Japanese only. No re-release is planned. This act is usually used for joke songs, not to be taken seriously. Dubbed Aelien Yuki for it's weird voice.
Act 2: Released, lacks oto.ini configuration, romaji only, Japanese only.
Act 3: Beta released (final version is a work in progress), oto.ini mostly configured, Romaji and Hiragana supported, Japanese only. This version won't be updated any longer. Re:ACT 3: This is the first rerecording made of Yuki. This so called Re:ACT is still in the progress of being recorded and configured and will be released once both Japanese and English are complete.

Future plans include recording of all Japanese syllables and multilingual support for English, French and Russian (if possible/doable).

The information seen here is based on data provided by the author. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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