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歪んだ声: Your Virtual American Idol.


歪んだ声 (Yuganda Koe in romaji, 声音失真 (Shēngyīn shīzhēn) in Chinese) is a 14 year old who just simply wants to belt out lyrics. She loves to dance and sing to karaoke when she's alone. She doesn't like her own voice very much, and does her best to improve it. Despite her humanoid appearance, Koe is actually part butterfly. She has butterfly wings hidden by her hair, they are a translucent mixture of blue, pink, and purple. Her hair is sentient and she uses it like a purse, storing items into it for later use, and the back is detachable. She is generally introverted, but kind, very motivated by music. She likes to try new things and doesn't pass up any opportunities. Koe suffers from Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, meaning she is very limited in what she can eat. Koe is not musically inclined at all, but aspires to be a singer. She is a perfectionist.

Etymology details[]

  • Name: Koe (声) - voice. Yuganda (歪んだ) - distorted
  • Type: Multisynthloid - She is available for multiple vocal synthesizers, and is always being put into more.
  • Other: Her name originates from her very first ever voicebank, which was not OTO'd, and the FRQ files were not fixed. Her voicebank has improved tremendously since then,

Character details[]

  • Description: Long, SeeU-ish brown/auburn hair (probably thicker, often matted and not thoroughly brushed), piercing blue eyes, about 5'3, youthful appearance. Typically drawn with a slim figure, but her weight fluxuates. Sometimes decorated in glitter!
  • Outfit: Frilled pink crop top with a heart cut into the chest, purple-layered skirt with the melody "Tell Your World", random music notes on the bottom skirt layer, light up brown and pink piano boots (the keys can light up rainbow)
  • Likes: Dancing, reading, singing, yelling, ABBA, Studio Killers, makeup, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, her girlfriend
  • Dislikes: Brushing her hair, crying in public, things not being perfect, her own voice


Voicebank details[]


CV monopitch:

VCV monopitch:

CVVC bipitch:

DeepVocal CVVC monopitch:

Renoid Player CV monopitch:

NIAONiao Virtual Singer CV monopitch:


VCCV monopitch:

VCCV to Arpasing monopitch:


NIAONiao CV monopitch:

In the works:[]

VCV multipitch/power scale



Terms of Use[]

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank:

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Yes
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? No
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? No
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes
  • Terms of use? Click here ...



  • Her character item is a plastic pink recorder.
  • She was originally named Amandaloid.
  • Her design change was because the author was under the impression that Synthesizer V would allow custom vocals.
  • Her name translates to Distorted Voice because originally her voicebank was very unfinished, as it was made when the author was 11.
  • She loves 80s and 00s music the most, but also vibes with classic rock.
  • Her makeup is the colors of the bisexual pride flag.
  • If singing and being an idol doesn't work out, she would be a makeup guru.



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