Yu Junjie (余俊杰) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. He is the seventh vocal released from JAE VOCAL PROJECT.


Prior to 2014, Yu Junjie was an adopted OC known as "Uno Kenoia". His previous version had few illustrations and an MMD model, neither of which are in use. Initially, Migi considered being Uno's voice provider until he opted for Ume Kenoia (the previous version of Xiao Meihua).[1] Uno was also originally the brother or alter-ego of Ume. This was no longer the case as Meihua and Xiao Shancha became sisters instead.

In 2017, Migi spent time during his college classes in creating character concepts and biographies for the leftover Uno after Meihua and Shancha were long established. He focused on keeping some aspects of Uno's design and personality when designing the new character. On the side, he also tried to come up with several different names. These were "Yu Huiliang", "Yu Congmin", and "Yu Junqiao" respectively. These names were scrapped because they were too feminine or didn't make sense. "Yu Junjie" was later chosen as his given name fit his intelligent personality.[1] Migi also wanted to keep the "brotherly" aspect of Uno's concept. Rather than make him related to the Xiao sisters, he was made to act like an older brother to others in JAE VOCAL PROJECT and has a high sense of responsibility.

Migi considered two candidates for Junjie's voice provider. Providence Polyglot was chosen for the role due to his interest in learning different languages and willingness to participate. In return, he requested that the voicebank could not be used for excessive violence. Later, Junjie's design concepts went through a variety of changes. While Migi initially wanted him to wear more traditional clothing, he also thought it may be too cliché. In addition, compared to the other characters for JAE VOCAL PROJECT, it would also appear too different. He wanted Junjie to fit in with the cast and instead decided that Junjie would have in interest in traditional music, dance, and fashion. Mina Moonrise later created designs for Junjie, including a depiction of him in glasses but was scrapped. After the design was decided, Purpled later drew the final illustration for his default (Mandarin Chinese) design.

Like Shancha, Junjie was meant to be bilingual in Mandarin and Japanese, but the Mandarin voicebank was to be delayed due to development issues.[2] In the meantime, he is expected to release with a Japanese voicebank. On April 5, 2020, it was reconfirmed that Junjie's Mandarin voicebanks are still in development. In the announcement, it was revealed that he and Xiao Shancha were initially going to have CV+VV voicebanks like Meihua, but were scrapped due to the possibility of the banks not working in DeepVocal. Rather, it was decided that both were to use Risku's CVVChinese reclist in order to be usable in both UTAU and DeepVocal. Recording for these vocalists have not yet started at the time.[3]

In July, while talking about possibilities for Meihua and Shancha, Migi restated that Junjie was only releasing with a CV Japanese voicebank and mentioned the cancelled Mandarin voicebank again. While he didn't note any other language possibilities for Junjie, he confirmed that the voice provider is often busy, which influenced the pushback of the new Mandarin bank's development.[4]

Junjie's CV Japanese voicebank was showcased in August. It was confirmed that he would be releasing in November that year.[5] Junjie was released on November 13.[6]


While his biography was written by his creators, it is not strictly canon. Junjie may be depicted in any way as long as his character and software terms of use are not broken.

Junjie is a studious young man with an honest and optimistic outlook on life. He is particularly enthusiastic when answering questions and reciting facts. However, whenever he is wrong, he becomes very embarrassed and silent out of frustration. He is very hardworking to the point where he is considered to be a perfectionist and he may argue that things must be "just right". While Junjie seems to be mature and wise, he is also innocent, gullible, sensitive, and oblivious. Because of this mindset, he is often found doing favors and schoolwork for other people without realizing he is being taken advantage of and believes that he is truly helping them. However, if aware, it is likely that he is doing it to avoid causing trouble for himself and other people.

Junjie does not have any siblings but he tends to be a brother figure to others. He loves traditional outfits and music, and values elegance and gracefulness. However, this does not mean that he is "out of touch" with modern styles. He enjoys the genres and fashion of the present as well. He is also ambidextrous.

He has two familiars: a starling called Bijou and a ghostly cat named Hannelore.


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 61.69 kg

Likes: Studying, observing, reading, trying new foods, animals, traditional instruments and clothes, grace and elegance, traditional and modern styles of music and dance

Dislikes: Lying, cheating, perverts, vanity, fighting and brutal behaviors, being wrong, bitter flavors, unnecessary conflict and tension, getting in trouble


  • - ; A common Chinese surname. Junjie was given this surname to reflect some important people in Migi and Sayo Silver's life.
    • ユー - The Kana rendition of his surname.
  • 俊杰 - Jùnjié​; Means "elite" or "genius", which references his studious and intellectual personality.
    • ジュンジエ - The Kana rendition of his given name.


  • Hair color - Long dark blue hair tied in a ponytail secured with a white band. His hair is described to be "so silky that it almost looks black". His bangs are fluffy.
  • Eye color - Gold.
  • Outfit - Junjie wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt with "JAE" printed on the front. The sleeves are rolled up to his upper arms. Over the shirt is a grey sleeveless vest with a ghost-cat pin on the upper left side. He wears long black pants and blue low tops. He also wears silver bracelets on both of his wrists.

  • Hair color - Long dark blue hair tied in a ponytail. His bangs has a yellow streak in it and covers his right eye. The hair on the left side of his head is slicked back.
  • Eye color - Gold.
  • Outfit - The style was meant to be more on the "punk" side. He wears a fishnet top with a dark coat over it. The coat is secured with two belts across his midsection. His black pants have cut slits down his thighs and he wears dark shoes. The overall color scheme was inspired by crows and ravens.


  • Xiao Meihua - friend. Meihua is a very forgetful person and has trouble studying. Junjie takes the time to help improve her memory skills and tutor her.
  • Ser0 - friend. Often falls for Ser0's mischievous pranks and tricks. Still respects her.
  • Canary - friend. Junjie is easily fascinated with Canary's status as an alien who lived for at least two-hundred years. Would ask too many questions about his origins and space.
  • Xiao Shancha - friend. While the pair have great respect for each other, Junjie tends to fuss over Shancha too much. He also attempts to stop her from investigating JD, finding her claims of his "evil-doings" to be absurd.
  • JD - friend. Junjie doesn't believe there's anything suspicious about him.
  • kEna - friend. Junjie is often helping and treating kEna whenever he injures himself due to daring behaviors.

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Japanese 1.0 CV Baritone "A mellow masculine monopitch vocal with an American accent. Developed by Purpled. Reclist by GrayOblivion. Released on November 13, 2020." Dropbox

Voice details

  • Input - Romaji encoded and Kana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Unknown, Tempo: Unknown
  • Details - A masculine voicebank with an American accent.
  • Issues - Junjie has trouble pronouncing sounds starting with "r".

Voice samples

Additional information

Character Terms Of Use

  1. Do not claim Junjie or official artwork as your own.
  2. NSFW content is allowed except for excessive violence. This does not apply to MMD models and other works from people who are not from the JAE VOCAL PROJECT group. Please follow the rules of the creators! If their works are not allowed to be used for NSFW content, then do not use them for NSFW content! Use for excessive violence is still not allowed regardless of the model or other works' rules.
    • Excessive violence is defined by murder and cannibalism. For any questions in regards to what is accepted, please contact JAE VOCAL PROJECT.
  3. For commercial use of his character, permission is required​.
  4. Derivatives must be made with permission.
  5. Shippings and pairings are allowed, but do not force as canon. Do not ship Junjie with characters under the age of 18.
  6. Do not use Junjie's character for hate speech.
  7. Political use is not allowed.
  8. Roleplay and ask blogs are allowed if permission from JAE VOCAL PROJECT is given. If permission is granted, the following must be adhered:
    • Must credit JAE VOCAL PROJECT and/or Migi for character rights.
    • Must credit the appropriate artists if using official. Do not use art from non-members without their permission.
    • Cannot violate existing ToS (no shipping with minors, hate speech, etc).
    • For any questions, please contact JAE VOCAL PROJECT.

Voicebank Terms Of Use

  1. Do not claim Junjie's voicebanks as your own.
  2. NSFW content is allowed except for excessive violence. Do not use the voicebank in songs portraying him in a relationship with those under the age of 18.
    • Excessive violence is defined by murder and cannibalism. For any questions in regards to what is accepted, please contact JAE VOCAL PROJECT.
  3. For commercial use of his voicebanks, permission is required​.
  4. Derivatives must be made with permission.
  5. Oto.ini editing is allowed.
  6. Do not edit Junjie's samples.
  7. Do not use Junjie's voicebanks for hate speech.
  8. Political use is not allowed.
  9. Voicebank redistribution is forbidden.


Junjie has an official Mii provided by Migi on the JAE VOCAL PROJECT website.[7] He later received an official twitter account on August 28, 2019. It is used for interaction with fans and roleplaying.[8]

Junjie officially began receiving merchandise since June 9, 2020.[9]


  • In regards to his release date:
    • His release date, November 13, is also treated as his birthday.
    • His birthday is also two days after his voice provider's (November 11).
    • He was released on Friday the 13th.
  • His surname, "Yu" (余), was specifically named after Migi and Sayo's mother. Over time, they met more people with the same surname who later became important to them as well.
  • Junjie is the only character from JAE VOCAL PROJECT who cannot be used for excessive violence.
    • Because of this restriction, the character's biography was modified to be aligned with "goodness" and naivety .
  • His interest in traditional styles of clothing and music reference the older concepts of him being extremely elegant.
  • His pet starling, Bijou, was named after a real life cat Migi and Sayo met.
  • Junjie's skill in being ambidextrous references his voice provider. Migi recalled the time Providence Polyglot attempted to train himself to use both hands in case his dominant left hand was rendered useless. Migi wanted to add this skill to Junjie's character.
  • When creating a female derivative of Junjie, Migi refers to her as "Yu Huiliang". "Huiliang" was one of Junjie's old concept names before it was discarded for being too feminine.
  • Originally, Junjie only had Bijou as a familiar. Hannelore was added after artists MochaBunnii and Oweruru drew a ghostly cat alongside him after seeing his pin.[10] Hannelore's name was chosen based on Providence Polyglot's interest in learning German at one point of his life.

  • Junjie's hairstyle is not only inspired by his old concept, Uno, but also Wuxia and Xianxia genres. The males are usually depicted with long hair and wear them in various styles, including ponytails.
  • During the process of choosing a name, there was a strong desire to have its meaning reference intelligence. This was because Migi wanted the character to reflect the potential voice providers. He believed that both were very intelligent and caring people. Both were regarded to be his brother figures.
  • In Migi's early concept sketches, he noted the following:
    • He noted that he accidentally made Junjie look too similar to Wang Yao from Hetalia: Axis Powers.
    • At the time, his family was watching The Princess Weiyoung. He references the character Li Minde in the notes. This drove the concept of Junjie having long hair based on Wuxia and Xianxia genres.
    • Junjie was originally 20 years old. This was later changed to 22.
    • Migi noted that Junjie should be somewhat similar to Xiao Meiye's personality, but more nicer and innocent.
    • Junjie's entire personality was already established to be overall good, studious, and passionate for things he liked. This had less to do with Providence Polyglot's restriction against using Junjie's voice for violent themes and his request was coincidental. The restriction only pushed Migi to further develop and align Junjie's personality to "goodness".
  • For the color schemes of Junjie's alternative designs, they were mostly based on birds.
    • His default UTAU/Mandarin color scheme was not planned to be based on a bird, but is closer to the scheme of a starling.
    • For Japanese, the scheme was based on crows and ravens.
  • Junjie's Japanese design depicts him as more of a "punk" or "bad boy". This was to entertain the inside joke and headcanon that "even if he looks like a bad boy, he is still good natured".

  • When participating in OC memes on Deviantart and Twitter, Migi was asked to write facts about Junjie. The following are his headcanons:
    • His Halloween outfit is a ghost.
    • If he bottles up his frustrations and anger for a very long time, he is likely to throw a huge tantrum. This results in him throwing furniture, flipping things over, screaming, stomping to his room, slamming the door, throwing himself onto the bed and screaming into his pillow. He may also resort to banging pots and pans together.[11]
    • If asked to take on a "bad boy" attitude, he would feel guilty about it later.[12]
    • He prefers water and tea. He doesn't often drink coffee or soda. He dislikes energy drinks.[13]


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