Yochina Oto concept art

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: His hair color changes. Sometimes Red, Sometimes Gray or Silver
  • Headgear: Ear strap connecting to mouth piece
  • Eye Color: His eye colors change. Sometimes Blue, Sometimes Red and Rarely both Red(right) Blue(left)
  • Clothing: Open midriff shirt with a midriff net shirt, shorts, and white boots
  • Nationality/Race: Japanese and a Neko
  • Physique: Slim and somewhat girlish

Voicebank releases

CV Voicebank:

Whisper Append: Coming Soon

Sweet Append: Coming Soon

Soft Append: Coming Soon

Cute Append: Coming Soon

Adult Append: Coming Soon

Power Append: Coming Soon

ACT 2 Voicebank: Coming Soon


  • Yochina is very nice and sweet when you get on his good side,but he is very violent when you try to steal Rou or WALTT away from him.
  • He hides his Yandere personality because he is afraid of scaring people.
  • He despises DENGEN a lot because he is WALTT's "special friend."
  • Yochina can be considered as a Deredere when he's not mad.
  • Rumors say that Yochina is a robot because of his voice,but that's for the fandom to decide~