Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Black.
  • Headgear: None.
  • Eye Color: Sky blue.
  • Clothing: A black and blue jacket with long black sleeves, jeans and a gray scarf that he is often seen wearing, no matter the weather.
  • Nationality: Japanese American
  • Species: Snow leopard

Voice Configuration

巧康弘: A single pitch CV bank. Recommended resampler: resampler.exe

Download in the description of this video.

巧康弘 VCV: A single pitch 5-mora VCV bank. Recommended resampler: tn_fnds or TIPS

Download in the description of this video.

Fun Facts

  • Yasuhiro can speak mostly fluent English and fluent Japanese. He learned to speak english when he moved to America for a short time with his mother when he was 11.
  • His mother was American and his father was Japanese. They split up a few years after Yasuhiro was born. They remained on fairly good terms, however his father passed away when he was 16.
  • He currently lives in a small, but comfy apartment and cares for Zuko Naoki, who previously did not have a caretaker. Now the two are very close.
  • When he's happy or content, he sometimes subconsciously starts purring. He gets very flustered when you point out this fact to him.
  • In his free time, you can sometimes find him scribbling away in his notebook. He has a certain fondness for writing poems and other literary pieces.
  • Yasuhiro is homoromantic demisexual.
  • Yasuhiro has a bad habit of working himself too hard, especially when no one is there to force him to take a break. He has passed out at his desk several times due to working through most of the night, pushing through his exhaustion. This causes him to be in a very bad mood when he wakes up.
  • He always looks like he has a bad case of bedhead, even though he brushes it frequently.
  • Yasuhiro has a considerable crush on Kemonone Rou. Yasu is a lot more shy around him, but he loves being able to sing with Rou and Yasu admires him greatly. He's way too embarrassed to say anything about it, though.


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