Template:UtauYami Kuraiko is Mitsurai/Kurais 2nd UTAU.

He got released on the 28. Febuary 2017

Voicebank Distribution

Kuraiko had an early voicebank avaiable but it was retired for multiple reasons.

Mitsurai will release updated voicebanks for Kuraiko and his counterpart Mitsuko on the 28. Febuary 2018.


Kuraiko is a lazy boy who tends to blame others for his misbehaviour.

He hates rules and pets - without any exceptions. Although he is incredibly lazy he is very smart and only to lazy for learning. Additionally, he desperatley tries to get affection from those he admires. His odd humor and his tendence to blame others for his own mistakes is a reason why not many people get along with him.

He is a Kamidere type of character.

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