YUN (ユン) is a female voicebank for the UTAU singing synthesizer program.


YUN's personality is usually up to interpretation.


This voicebank was first created and distributed under the name of Kotobuki Jun. However, the author has discarded that character and that voicebank is no longer available. A VCV voicebank for this character is also in progress.

Supplemental Information

YUN character art-0

YUN full body

Hair color: Red that fades to pink with black streaks.

Eye color: Blue.

Clothing: Black and Red.

Headgear: White.

Character item: Umbrella.

Nationality: Czech + Taiwanese

Author: Nekopazzta

Voice Configuration

Her voicebank has separate L and R sounds.

Currently her voicebank is only available in CV and can be downloaded here: YUN Act 1.0 CV

Usage Clause

1. Do not use this character for monetary gain.

2. Do not use this character for pornographic purposes, hate speeches or anything that may be offensive.

3. Do not redistribute this voicebank in any way or claim it as your own.

4. Do not use this voicebank to make any non-canon characters by pitching it.

5. Always credit Nekopazzta as the rightful owner of this UTAU.

6. Always ask before role-playing.

7. You are allowed to use up to g-4 for this voicebank. 

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