Xiao Meihua (小梅花) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Prior to 2014, Xiao Meihua was an adopted OC known as "Ume Kenoia". Her previous version had few illustrations and an MMD model, neither of which are in use.


During 2014, Migi, Purpled, Trainspud, and Mina.Ki were working on their own UTAU projects. Migi was working in collaboration with Purpled to make Ume Kenoia into an UTAU. The surname, "Kenoia", was scrapped and "Ume"/"UmE" became working character names for the Japanese voicebank at the time. Due to the inclusion of a Mandarin Chinese voicebank produced by bajucy, she was also referred to as "Mei Hua" (梅花).[1] It was later decided that "Mei Hua" would be the final name. The rest of 2014 and 2015 were spent developing her vocals and working on demo songs.

Mei Hua was to expected to be released on May 25, 2016 or later. Updates and additional tones, like a "Whisper" voicebank, for the Mandarin and Japanese voicebanks were considered. Other languages, such as English and Spanish, were also possibilities. [2] She was officially released on June 3 as a bilingual vocalist.

On August 4, 2017, her name was changed again due to the development of a sister character and she was given the "Xiao" (小) surname, officially referring to her as "Xiao Meihua".


In 2018, a small update to Meihua's Japanese vocal was released. This update fixed some issues in regards to the oto and her samples.

There was a desire to list the group's UTAUs under one name and at the time of her release, Meihua was not part of a group or project. On January 9, 2018, an official website was launched and listed Meihua and Ser0 under the JAE UTAU PROJECT. Meihua was labelled as JAE-01.

After the acquisition of a new microphone and pop filter, it decided that Meihua would receive updates to her original voicebanks. Mandarin was the first to be recorded, followed up with Japanese. For consistency, she was given two voicebanks for both languages: Natural and Sweet. Natural was similar to the original Mandarin voicebank's tone while Sweet was similar to the original Japanese voicebank. The Mandarin voicebanks were completed in December. It was then confirmed that Meihua's Mandarin 2.0 voicebanks were bajucy's last contributions to JAE UTAU PROJECT before departing the group.[3]


The first few months of 2019 were spent on creating demos for Xiao Meihua Mandarin 2.0. It was later released on April 19.[4]

According to the Mandarin update's crossfade video, it was mentioned that the default design is also known as the "Chinese design", implying that additional designs may be present in the future.[5] The Japanese update was still in production at this time.

On June 28, it was revealed that Meihua would be receiving two CVVC Arpasing English voicebanks: Natural and Sweet. Noted on the group's newsletter, additional language voicebanks for Meihua were considered since 2016. Production for an English release began in 2018, starting with the creation of a new design for the language. Purpled completed this in April 2019. The final design would not be revealed until later. Recording for the voicebanks began after Canary's release and were programmed by bluCitrus in March.[6][7] While a release date for the English voicebanks was not solidified, it was confirmed that they were to be expected in Autumn.[8]

Meihua was expected to receive DeepVocal voicebanks along with UTAU.[9] It was later revealed that the DeepVocal voicebanks were ports from her updated Japanese UTAU banks. The UTAU versions were expected to release some time after the DeepVocal ones and were confirmed to be CVVCV. These voicebanks were named "Natural" and Sweet".[10] These were released on December 21, 2019, while the UTAU versions of the voicebanks were expected for 2020.[11]


While her biography was written by her creators, it is not strictly canon. Meihua may be depicted in any way as long as her character and software terms of use are not broken.

Meihua is a shy and sensitive girl who tends to be cheerful and teasing towards her closest friends. She believes that self-expression is important and tries to find ways to be and stay positive. When she sees something or someone that she likes or wants and is asked about it, she often denies that she has any interest. She is a forgetful person and often doesn’t remember what task she was doing if she was interrupted or distracted.

Despite looking adorable, sometimes people find her difficult to approach. They notice her red eyes, often mistaking her as a demon or bad omen. She reacts poorly to people bullying or antagonizing her and would respond with aggressive or violent actions involving a nailed baseball bat. These behaviors tend to reinforce the claims that she and her younger sister, Shancha, are evil demons, even though she would never react in such a way unless provoked. She also has difficulty with making new friends as she is well aware of her violent tendencies and is afraid of hurting her friends or frightening them.​ Sometimes, this leads her to be clingy and rather possessive.

She has a pet blood red corn snake named Edgar. He is a loyal, precious, and endearing friend to her. His owner is very willing to protect him and vice versa.

Likes: Plums, soft flannel shirts, smoothies, dating sims, red velvet foods

Dislikes: Bugs, sharks, shaking environments, losing friends


  • - Xiǎo; Her surname. Means "small" or "little".
    • シァオ - The Kana rendition of her surname.
  • 梅花 - Méihuā​; Means "plum blossom" or "plum flower". The "Méi" character references Ume, her former name with the same meaning of "plum".
    • メイフア - The Kana rendition of her given name.


  • Hair color - Long pink curly hair with parted bangs.
  • Headgear - Wears a red bow tied in her hair.
  • Eye color - Red.
  • Outfit - Consists of a pale pink top with a white layer underneath and detached sleeves on her arms. A lavender bow is found on the back of the top and a lavender choker is located on her neck. She wears a three-tiered white skirt and brown thigh-high socks. Her heeled boots are red and opened in the front with only a lavender belt holding them together. Her armwarmers are brown: the right has two lavender belts while the left has one. Her color scheme is inspired by the plum blossoms she was named for.


  • Ser0 - friend. Meihua respects her and does her best not to cross her. Ser0 in return cherishes Meihua but sometimes likes to mislead her.
  • Canary - friend. Meihua likes to teach him about Earth-related things but sometimes tricks him. She's amazed with his abilities.
  • Xiao Shancha - younger sister. While they differ in personality, Meihua and Shancha generally get along. However, Shancha has a tendency to tease her big sister.
  • JD - friend. Meihua likes to tease and pester JD in particular, but is sensitive to his feelings.
  • Yu Junjie - friend. Meihua views Junjie as an older brother figure. He helps her study and learn about new things.
  • kEna - friend. To Meihua, kEna is fun and daring. She finds these traits to be respectable.
  • Seishi Starchaser - friend. Seishi views Meihua as a role model while she finds him adorable and enjoys his company.
  • Xiao Meiye - male derivative.

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Mandarin 1.0 CV+VV B3~B5 "Uses Migi's natural voice. This voicebank was developed by bajucy. Uses October's reclist." Retired
Japanese 1.0 CV A#3~D#5 "A voice-acted vocal with a childish, bright, and sweet tone. This was intended to be her official voice. Developed by Purpled. Uses GrayOblivion's reclist." Retired
Japanese 1.1 CV A#3~D#5 "An updated oto, added missing hiragana (h samples), added a vocal sample, made vowels compliant with typical Japanese aliasing (- a compared to -a), added vowel endings (a -), n is now a vowel. Developed by Purpled. Uses GrayOblivion's reclist. Released in 2018." Dropbox
Baidu Drive (Password: avph)
Mandarin 2.0 CV+VV Mezzo-soprano "Consists of two voicebanks: Natural and Sweet. This update improves on pronunciation and sound quality. Developed by bajucy. Uses October's reclist. Released on April 19, 2019." Dropbox
Baidu Drive (Password: ehoh)

Voice details

  • Input - Romaji encoded and Kana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Ballads, Tempo: 100~200 BPM (Mandarin 1.0), 100~200 BPM (Japanese 1.0/1.1)
  • Details - Meihua's voicebanks generally have two tones of voice: a natural and a sweet tone. As the name implies, the Natural voicebank uses Migi's natural voice and was the tone used for the original Mandarin voicebank. The sweet tone was recorded for the Japanese voicebank and sounds brighter and childish compared to Natural. Other tones for Meihua are being considered but not prioritized.
  • Issues -
    • The original Mandarin and Japanese voicebanks' qualities were relatively poor and samples, especially those beginning with "b" and "p", had "popping" noises. This was due to the voicebanks being recorded on a dynamic microphone built for video games and that socks were used as pop filters.
    • The tones between the original Mandarin and Japanese voicebanks are drastically different. This is due to the fact that the sweeter tone of the Japanese vocal was meant to be the character's official tone of voice. However, this could not be replicated in the original Mandarin voicebank. Migi had difficulty voiceacting while trying to focus on pronunciation, so the voicebank was recorded using his natural tone of voice instead. If a user intended to use the vocals together, but did not like the difference in tone, this is a drawback. Future voicebanks may come in a Natural and Sweet pair by default to correct this or may feature Natural only depending on the difficulty.

Voice samples

Additional information

Character Terms Of Use

  1. Do not claim Xiao Meihua or official artwork as your own.
  2. NSFW content is allowed. This does not apply to MMD models and other works from people who are not from the JAE VOCAL PROJECT group. Please follow the rules of the creators! If their works are not allowed to be used for NSFW content, then do not use them for NSFW content!
  3. For commercial use of her character, permission is required​.
  4. Derivatives must be made with permission.
  5. Shippings and pairings are allowed, but do not force as canon. Do not portray Meihua and Xiao Shancha as a romantic couple as they are canonically sisters. This also applies to any derivatives based on their characters. Do not ship Meihua with characters under the age of 18.
  6. Do not use Meihua's character for hate speech.
  7. Political use is not allowed.
  8. Roleplay and ask blogs are allowed if permission from JAE VOCAL PROJECT is given. If permission is granted, the following must be adhered:
    • Must credit JAE VOCAL PROJECT and/or Migi for character rights.
    • Must credit the appropriate artists if using official. Do not use art from non-members without their permission.
    • Cannot violate existing ToS (no incest, shipping with minors, hate speech, etc).
    • For any questions, please contact JAE VOCAL PROJECT.

Voicebank Terms Of Use

  1. Do not claim Meihua's voicebanks as your own.
  2. NSFW content is allowed, but do not use the voicebank in songs portraying her in a relationship with those under the age of 18 or with Shancha.
  3. For commercial use of her voicebanks, permission is required​.
  4. Derivatives must be made with permission.
  5. Oto.ini editing is allowed.
  6. Do not edit Meihua's samples.
  7. Do not use Meihua's voicebanks for hate speech.
  8. Political use is not allowed.
  9. Voicebank redistribution is forbidden.


Meihua had an official Facebook page and Weibo account. Both are discontinued. The Facebook page was deleted and the Weibo account was used for Migi's personal use instead.

In September 2015, Meihua received an official Twitter account. This was used to share news in regards to the group's projects before the JAE VOCAL PROJECT account was opened. It is currently used for interaction with fans and roleplaying.

Official merchandise can be found on the JAE VOCAL PROJECT Storenvy.[12]

Third party works, such as an MMD model by OSformula[13] and a Lipsync model by PRISMkidd, have been made available.[14]

She has an official Mii provided by Migi on the JAE VOCAL PROJECT website.[15]


  • Meihua's release date, June 3, is treated as her birthday.
  • Aside from the drastic overhaul of Meihua's appearance and concept, these were listed as the most notable changes between her and Ume Kenoia:
    • Meihua and Xiao Shancha were not originally conceptualized as siblings. This is due to the fact that Ume and Shancha's former version, Chavil, were unrelated characters. This was later changed.
    • Ume originally had a brother or male alter ego known as Uno Kenoia. Uno later became Yu Junjie, Meihua's friend.
    • Ume originally had blue eyes. During the redesign process, they were accidentally changed to red. When Migi was making the new concept, he only remembered her long and curly pink hair as her most notable physical trait, and falsely recalled that she had red eyes. Migi and Purpled decided to keep the red color because they thought it suited her overall design better.
  • Meihua has no official sexual orientation and can be paired with anyone as long as they are not under 18 or Shancha.
  • When participating in OC memes on Deviantart and Twitter, Migi was asked to write facts about Meihua. The following are his headcanons:
    • Her Halloween outfit is a devil.
    • Due to her obsession with dating sims, she may be very picky and her expectations for romance may not be realistic or it's too high
    • If abandoned, she ends up very heartbroken and would cry. This would not lead her to become violent.
    • Meihua likes to meet new people and make new friends, but is too shy to instigate conversations.
    • She loves having her head patted as long as her hair doesn't become ruined.[16]
    • She is Chinese American and is from New England. She would love to to visit China some day.
    • She can't perform cartwheels very well and she's not good at swimming. She can doggie paddle, but she relies heavily on floaties.[17]
    • She is commonly interpreted as human or android although neither is canon.
  • When carrying Edgar around in public, he sometimes hides in her hair.
  • In terms of dating sims:
    • Her favorite series is NTT Solmare Corporation's "Shall We Date?". She also has her own list of favorite titles and characters.
    • She specifically takes notice of Jumin Han's birthday, hinting that he is a favorite character. Jumin is from Mystic Messenger.[20]
    • She has a tendency to like characters who are painfully stupid or characters who are smart, but not condescending. She also likes dating sims with voiced lines.[21]


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