ScottSynth UIS 2018.5

ScottSynth is a voicebank being developed by DALLYSYNTH. He is the second voicebank made by DALLYSYNTH, and is expected to be released in 2018 or 2019. He will come with or after after one or more of the other voicebanks but is still going to be the “second” voicebank in the 2018.5 Lineup. He will be one of the first Universal Input System (UIS) voicebank to be released by DALLYSYNTH, and will be a key role in introducing the new voicebank type into the UTAU community.

Like AMBER, his art is still being made and will be released when done.

DALLYSYNTH Numerical Information

Version: 2018.5 ßeta (also called Beta or Seta)

Product Code: DS-PR-02

AMBER UIS 2018.5

AMBER is a voicebank being developed by DALLYSYNTH. She is the first voicebank ever made by DALLYSYNTH, and is expected to be released in 2019. She will come after one or more of the other voicebanks but is still going to be the “first” voicebank in the 2018.5 Lineup. She will be one of the first Universal Input System (UIS) voicebank to be released by DALLYSYNTH, and will be a key role in introducing the new voicebank type into the UTAU community.

Her art is still being made and will be available once done.

DALLYSYNTH Numerical Information

Version: 2018.5 ßeta (also called Beta or Seta)

Product Code: DS-PR-01

Aoizaki Ichinose

Profile picture:(comng soon if other fanart people help me)

gender: Male

☀aozaki is a cute and naughty child. He did not worrying what happens to him. He was looking for new friends and learn his true identity. He would recognize the Lenni-chan and he finds and magkikipagkaibigan. He would have a big brother. He dream is become popular utau just like kasane teto.

realese ; coming soon.

language voice bank : japanese ( uncomplete word and has 150 word)

Provider: coming soon

age: 16yrs

Character item: Bamboo stick

other info is coming soon.

Here is a listing of announced UTAUloids that are still in active development, and have not been finalized yet or even released. They may lack some samples or an oto.ini, and are not officially released.

Rooxi kurenai Flint-icon KUJONESEIJOU-1 Chara Kan
MAN-A1 Rooxi Kurenai
Flint Hawkiko
Kujone Seijou
Aki Tsurunen
Henne Kan
Odayakana Anton
PopStar clear
Rsz 1himemi
Shinichi Migine -Female- small
Resound POP!
Sami Sarune
Himemi Kimiko Shinichi Migine
(右ね 新一)

Shion Tsurara

Towa Sisters: Nou & Ryou

Nou & Ryou are a pair of twin sister utauloids produced by Zansatsu (SPiDER) that are still in development. The two sisters voices are meant to harmonize perfectly together in unison; with Nou having a more warm cheery voice type and Ryou having a cooler bassy voice type. The two sisters are freshmen at their local highschool who wish to become a famous idol duet group in the future. Their cutesy charisma and attitude rouses quite the attention from their fellow classmates and has even managed them to earn their own fan base online.
Utauloid nou and ryou by ousatsuzansatsu-d9qj4t7

Nou (right) & Ryou (left) in their UTAU outfits

Shinichi Migine (右ね 新一)

Shinichi is the third Utauloid produced by RunningMan Mizuki which replacing Yugi Takamine (being canceled due several reason). Shinichi also the first hermaphrodite Utauloid. She will sing in Japanese for the moment. As for her sample (non-utauloid version) which based Shinichi's voice by author, please to check this link : . Thank you ^^

Kagumi Kita (かぐみきた)


Kagumi Kita is Indonesian UTAU, the voicebank is processed with VC - CV ID and CV. Voiced by me on 16th April 2013. but the VC-CV is on process. her design is make with green batik and dark brown base color. she is nice and love to keep smiling, very love Indonesian food, she is a member of Omuraisu Cafe as a chef. she's have a secret feeling with Ester Nakarai, they're childhood bestfriend. Sample Voice : here the voicebank will be released together with VC - CV. Gender : Female, Age : 16 , Height : 170 Cm, Weight : 66 Kg. Item : Keris.

Henteko Barane(薔薇音へんてこ)

Henteko & Okashii Barane

Okashii on the left. Henteko on the right.

Henteko is a new addition of the ReVoiceLoid series and the first new vocal of the series to be released for 2012. His voicer is vocafan13. He is known as a trap along with his sister Okashii, who is a reverse trap. They are both having problems with their gender thus making them gender confused. Henteko is more girly than Okashii, having problems with puberty, and does not have any guy friends as he mostly befriends girls. His name in kanji means Strange Rose Sound. After his Act1 will be released he will get a Re-Act voicebank to correct pronunciation errors. Vocal demos are yet to be released.

KOTOMI (ことみ)

Kotomi icon


KOTOMI is the first and only UTAUloid created and voiced by the American utaite Azura. An example of Azura's vocal work is provided here. thumb|200px|left|Kimi wo Nosete from Castle in the Sky sung by Azura.

Her VCV Japanese voicebank has been recorded as of December 3rd, 2012. It has not yet been configured with an oto.ini. A beta version has been given to close friends for testing, but a public download of KOTOMI's voicebank is not yet available.

A sample using her scrapped CV Voicebank can be found here

Age: 24;  Gender: Female;  Voice Range: C3~C6; Height: 5'5 (165 cm); Weight: 119lbs (54 kg); Colour Scheme: Purple & Black; Item: Black wrist bells; Personality: KOTOMI is a regal and mature queen-like woman of refined taste and tongue. She is graceful, polite and difficult to anger. She is strict on manners and proper ladylike conduct, following the example of the Yamato Nadeshiko. However, she is not one to be tampered with, and any serious transgression shall bring a hellacious fury upon the offender. Her semi-transparent accessories and butterfly-wing headphones shift colours depending on her changing moods. (Red = Angry/Hostile, Orange = Cheerful/Friendly, Yellow = Hyper/Excited, Green = Jealous/Annoyed, Light Blue = Calm/Reserved, Dark Blue = Depressed/Lonely, Purple = Mysterious/Aloof, Pink = Lovable/Seductive, White/Black = Emotionless.) She has a weakness for cuteness and enjoys baking pastries. She secretly is afflicted by severe hydrophobia.

Kotone Amai

Kotone Amai Headshot3

Kotone is the first UTAUloid created by and voiced by DragonitePrincess. She has a curious and sweet personality and is often accompanied by her two flying cat friends Mera and Nyx, UTAUloids currently in planning stage. She lives in a folder on her master's computer desktop and sometimes gets out and explores the hardrive. She likes making friends with the Artificial Life programs and Speakonia, the only one she can talk to. Without her AI friends, she tends to become bored and moody. She doesn't like Vocaloids like Miku or Luka or highly popular UTAUloids like Teto or Momo because she feels that the less popular or less liked UTAUs are just as good. Her demo and ACT.1 download link can be found at Youtube here

Age: 15 Gender: Female Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, and White Likes: Cats, Sugar, Singing, Her "Home" Computer, Her Master Height: 4'11" or 149.9 cm Weight: 108 lbs or 48 kg Dislikes: Vocaloids, Copy-Cats, Kasane Teto, Hurtful Words Signature Item: Pink Cotton Candy, or Mera and Nyx Language: Japanese

Kaeru Reni (蛙蓮仁

Wip icon

An American-made UTAUloid and the first voice bank made by UtauReni of YouTube. Reni's creator has released a BETA version but intends to release her as 'official' (ACT1) once she is capable of Japanese, Spanish, and English. A sample of Reni's BETA bank and her download link can be found here. Age: 15 Height: 160.02 cm (5'3") Weight: 54.43 kg (120 lbs) Signature item: Black cat (named Pikkuru) Gender: Female Color scheme: Black, blue Singable Languages: Currently only Japanese

Haruhi Matsumoto(松本ハルヒ)


An UTAUloid with a voice bank that isn't very good, but can sing background music fine. She is the first of the Freeloids. She is mainly colored blue, but her eyes are a red color.

Age: 12; Height: 3'2"; Weight: A little light; Signature item: Candy; Gender: Female; Color scheme: shades of blue, except her red eyes; Singable Languages: Japanese, a little English; Illustration::Here

A sample can be found here

Sora Suzuki (カオグロクイナ鈴木)

Picture 2

A UTAUloid who's name means the musical void. Hopefully she will live up to her name and captive audiences. Her her is a light blue which contrasts with her yellow sundress and deep blue eyes.

Age: 11; Height: 4'0"; Weight: IDK; Signature item: bluebell flower; Gender: Female; Colour scheme: Blue and yellow; Singable Language: Japanese

Hideki Okimoto


From the US, Hideki is an Utau who's voice can be used to fill any role. His voice can even sound like a woman's if tuned correctly.

Age: 17; Height: 6'2"; Signature item: Vanilla pudding; Gender: Male; Colour scheme: Light blue; Singable Language: Japanese and English

Voicebanks undergoing testing phase with downloads provided

These are voicebanks being tested, with missing voices but in public circulation.

Otsu Hibikine (響き音オツ)

Otsu Hibikine (US04) is the oldest, so far, of the of the US UTAU. He is of both Japanese and Spanish decent, however his creator is not. Otsu as a character loves spicy foods, especially eating red chili peppers raw. He's also quite the ladies man. Whenever he gets the chance, he hits on the female UTAUloids and Vocaloids. He's a very friendly guy, but has a fiery temper when angered. Listen to him singing an A scale here.

Age:18; Height:167.64 cm; Weight:72.5 kg; Signature Item:Red Chili pepper; Gender:Male; Color scheme:Red, Black, White; Singable Languages:Japanese (possibly English and Spanish); Illustration: Here

Voicebanks in demonstration phase

Voicebanks with voice demonstrations, but no downloadable voicebanks yet.

Ishimaru Michiyo and Sakuwatari Chiyo(石丸ミチヨ・朔渡チヨ)


Main Article and detailed information : UTAUpss Wikia

Michiyo and Chiyo are Series 1 of UTAUpss. Their ACT1 versions have been completed, but are not available for download and use. Their ACT2 versions is still a work in progress, and will be released sometime in the near future. For more details including concept art and character pages, visit UTAUpss Wiki or PSS Website.

Hikaru (輝)

Main Article and detailed information: Hikaru


An American-made UTAUloid. Originally made as a joke "Ukeloid," he is portrayed as being sweet, shy, and cute, with green shiny hair and a liking for girlish clothes. A demo of his "Cantarella" can be found here.

Age:14; Height:163cm; Weight:50kg; Signature item: Pizza; Gender: Male; Color scheme: Green, Black, and White; Language: Japanese and (limited) English


Another Utau in the works. Here is an example of his voice [1] He is voiced by pichu241 of YouTube and a bunch of other sites. Currently Pike doesn't have a Japanese name, and his creator doesn't plan for him to have one.  

Journey Cyr(旅誇り高い)

An English-only Utau, another coming from America. She is being designed to sing older classical songs. This is her demo.

Yuko Hanna(阪奈ユコ)

Yuko is the second British Utauloid. Her voice is not complete but is being worked on.

Her voice is high,smooth and clear. A full-body art of Yuko can be found here. A small sample of her voice can be downloaded here

Yú Tai (余太)

Yú Tai

Yú Tai is an American made UTAUloid, and is the third UTAUloid in the Skyloid series. Tai is of Chinese and American decent. Tai's design was inspired by Ruko and is nearly as tall as her. Tai's gender is now officially female.

Age: 16 Height: 193 cm Weight: unknown Signature Item: Gyouza Gender: Female  Color Scheme: Blue, Purple, Red Concept Art: 1 Singable Languages: Japanese


Mai Furuutone (真愛 フルウトネ)

In the making by creator Melody (VocaloidFuruuto on Youtube and KisekiPainter on Deviantart). Currently made to sing in Japanese but other languages may be added, probably English and Latin. Debut will come when the Japanese voicebank is finished. Character design is created and uploaded. She is a very shy girl and likes to keep to herself. Sample voice can be heard here. -Edit- Japanese voicebank is finished, but must be adjusted. Hopefully, Mai will be out by June 31st.

Age: 15;  Gender: Female;  Voice Range: Currently C3~C6; Height: 5'3 (160 cm); Weight: 115lbs (52 kg); Color Scheme: Navy, Dark Purple, Mahogany, Pink; Item: Toaster Pastry or a flute. Personality: Mai stands in the shadows with grounded sensibility and self-consciousness. Her basic personality is a mix of shyness and aloofness.

Yasune Kondo (休音コンド)

Kondo icon
Kondo came into existence because of a college art project to design a robot in November 2008. Illustrated and voiced by Balni, progress on his voice banks are slowly being made. Though he will be only capable of singing in Japanese, a second voice bank will be added that is more rough, powerful, and suited for singing hard rock and metal songs. This reflects his aggressive and energetic nature. Kondo is more robotic-looking than the other vocal androids; this is because he was originally an experiment to create a synthetic life form. He was later discarded as obsolete and picked up by Hanabine Zumi, who (in canon) aided in the compilation of his voice bank. A demo of his voice can be found here Age: 7 Height: 5’4” Weight: 160 lbs. Character Item: Ski goggles, traffic cone Capable Languages: Japanese, Metal

Kauffu Byoki

Kauffu's voice donor and creator became frustrated when she got sick, since her voice sounded scratchy and indecent, therefore could not finish her original Utauloid. As a joke, the creator made Kauffu from recording syllables with her sick and scratchy voice. This contributes to her type, by creator called a COUGHloid. Her type and voice with scratchy, sickly sounding syllables also play into her design; She is seen with short, messy, matted hair with random chunks cut from it, giving her a 'mutt' look. She wears a light blue hospital gown and a hospital bracelet, and has a clip-on name tag that is white with "UTAU" printed in gold lettering on it. She is quiet and shy, having trouble talking to people face-to-face, normally preferring if she has to meet someone that they speak to her from behind a hospital curtain. She has quite the wide imagination and enjoys writing stories, although she really isn't good at drawing; her drawings are similar to those of a 2-year-old. Her syllables are all recorded, with extras like coughing, sneezing, and even blowing-nose sounds to use in songs. Her .oto needs to be created still.

Here is a demo of her singing.

Age: 14 Height: 5'1" Weight: 130 lbs. Character Item: IV pole Capable Languages: Japanese

Kairi Rizumune


Kairi will be the first UTAU created by animeblackfox who is also creating her character design and providing her voicebank. Kairi's first name was inspired by the Kingdom Hearts character. Her last name means 'Rhythm Sound' in Japanese. Her release has been pushed back from it's original expectations twice due to illness affecting voice. Kairi's outfit shows some similarities to the character who's name inspired hers, such as the bag attached to her skirt and her boots. Rather than a tie or a ribbon around her neck, she wears a piece of lace tied in a bow. She also wears a black colored legging on her right leg. She is also a bit of a 'scardey-cat', and is rather girlish. She currently has one demo that can be found here Kairi's recordings have been completed, and she is in the process of getting otos and doing other tests to make sure her voicebank will work properly.

Item: Stuffed White Cat Age: 14 Gender: Female Height: 5'1 Weight: 98.7 lbs Race: Japanese/Canadian Number: AbF-01 (To represent that she's the first Utauloid from Animeblackfox) Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Eye Color: Blue Color: Purple Likes: Ribbons/Bows, girlish clothing, thigh-length socks, cats, stuffed animals, reading Dislikes: Scary stories, lizards or spiders, uncute things Birthday: January 24th

Nanane Oka (名無音オカ)

File:OkaIcon.jpgOka is voiced by Youtube user AnMeiChan (Anna-mei on Deviantart). Her last name means "Nameless sound" and her first name, Oka, comes from the Japanese word "Okashii," meaning "strange" or "weird." She is not confident about her singing but she still tries to have fun. A demo of her voice can be found Here. Her voice is planned to be able to sing in Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.

Age: 17 Height: 5'5" Weight: 110 lbs Color Scheme: Red-orange and White Character Item: Persimmon

Junsui Eienkoe (永遠声 純粋)

Junsui is voiced by Caitlyn8248 of deviantart. Her last name means 'Forever Voice' and first meaning 'Pure'. She is cautious and sensitive. In her home town, there is an ancient folk lore of people hiding within hollow pumpkins. So she often describes her self as a 'hollow pumpkin'. Her English voice bank is in process of being recorded. She will have a 300-500 word English voicebank, Japanese voicebank, and an International Phonetic Alphabet voicebank, so she can be able to sing almost any language possible.

Her demo 'Beyond ∞' can be seenhere.

Age:15-16 Height: 5'4" Weight: 140 lbs Color Scheme: Light Orange, Red-Orange, Brown, and White DOB: March 17th, 2010 Series: Infiniloid Model: 8 [Which is a pun in it's ∞ upright] Likes: Quietness, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, orange, folklore, dreams Dislikes: Loud noises, reality Character Item: Pumpkin


Mayamo Kokoro


Mayamo Kokoro age: 16 genre: unknown gender: female class: Danishloid Like: Strawberries, Pink, Blue, Purple, singing, puppies, kitties, cosplaying, dancing, music, Pizza, Fantasy creatures, dreams, school, books, movies, carrots, bunnies, comedy, Rasmus Seebach. Dislikes: spiders, angry animals, horror movies, homework, rap. Bio: a kind hearted girls, which can be weird sometimes. She thinks many dangerous situations could be funny to try. she speaks often with herself. she always makes her homework in time, and besides that she got time to hang out with friends, making music, practice her dance steps aand much more.

voice: by me

Ian Chigaine


Ian Chigaine. Age: 14. Gender: Male. Residence and Birthplace: The Netherlands. Likes: Cute things, yoghurt, television, making people happy, Hayao Miyazaki, complimenting others, creating things, science, friends, dancing, cats, cleaning, his brother, animals. Dislikes: People being mean, violence and swearwords that are also diseases, mess and stress, trouble, overcrowded places. Length: 178 centimeter. Weight: 60 kg. Item: Remote, Yoghurt, Safety goggles. Bio: He is a nice boy. He can get along with almost anyone. He needs glasses for reading, and he smiles a lot. He doesn't likes things too complicated, and likes simple things. He cares a lot about other and loves making people feel great. Family: Kane Chigaine. Voice provider: Damian. Why he is not released yet: Damian thinks he sounds not good enough and he is planning to buy a good mic, and when that new act is done, he will get released.

THS-02 (A-Type)

A-Type icon
THS-02 (A-Type) will be the second voicebank in AquaBlue-99's "Weatherloid" Series. Her name is currently unrevealed, although it has been decided upon, so she is known by her model, THS-02 (A-Type), or just A-Type for short. Her name, and more information, will be revealed later on. Her vocals are quite deep, as well as powerful, and her tone of voice will be very cold. A-Type's design is cyber-inspired and will feature a dark and cold colour scheme. Some concept sketches can be seen here. Her voicebank will be CV and capable of Japanese. It is fully recorded and oto.ini'd, however some samples still need tweaking. A demo will be available soon.

Gender: Female Age: 15 Height: 157cm Weight: currently unknown Character item: undecided Colour scheme: Dark and cold Personality: A-Type is fairly shy- she is cautious of approaching and talking to people she doesn't know very well. Despite this, she is friendly and will help people that are in trouble. She is also a calm person. She doesn't get angry very often but when she is stressed, playing tennis helps her vent her anger, and she takes her anger out on the tennis ball by hitting as hard as she can, although she normally hits someone. She prefers to sit and do something quiet like reading or writing stories, which is a big hobby of hers. A-Type is also proud of her singing voice, but she tends to keep this fact to herself. She isn't a boastful person at all.

Shizukana (しずかな )

Shizukana is an American voicebank, voiced by Bonnabelle ( with only the Japanese language at the moment. This is the first VB to be heard of Bonnabelle's and the VB is not available for download yet. She is being planned a release in late 2014. A sample of this utauloid's voice can be found here. The youtube channel Shizukana's covers will be uploaded on is TheTinyChannelThatCould. All art by Bonnabelle as well.

Shizukana's story starts when someone found her on her computer. Her original function was to serve as a guide when


the person using the computer needed help, but unfortunately, she was always too tired to do anything of the sort. so, she spent all her digital days fast asleep, quiet and never to be found. One day, however, someone named Bonnie was on the computer, looking around at her files. In her search, she found HELPERLOID.exe. She had never heard or seen of this "Helperloid" so she decided to run the program. A window popped up in her face, only to show a girl dressed in a brown jumpsuit with buttons, sleeping. Her articles of clothing seemed to resemble pajamas. Bonnie decided to click on her, and she didnt know what a aurprise she was about to get. The girl moved her arm up and smacked the mouse away from her face. Bonnie gasped and was a little frightened, but she decided to poke her with the mouse again. This went on for about three minutes, Bonnie poking the girl with the mouse, the girl smacking it away, but then Bonnie decided to look into the coding of the program to find out what this girl was really supposed to do. Bonnie learned that a simple sequence of clicks would wake the girl up, and have her come to Bonnie's assistance. So, Bonnie did the series of clicks and waited for the girls to wake up. The girls eyelids flickered, but she never woke up. Instead she started to sing, but very quietly. "Konnichiha~" She said. Ever since then Bonnie has been trying to befriend this strange program and in return the program sings.. Considering the girl spoke in Japanese, Bonnie decided to give her a Japanese nickname. Shizukana seemed to work quite well.

Bonnie has taken notes as follows: "According to my observations, the girl's profile seems to be... Age: 13..? ,Gender: Female , Height: 5'6 , Weight: ? , Item: ...Pillow.