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(Japanese: 女らしい声ヴァイ; おんならしいこえヴぁい - Onnarashikoe Vai)
女らしい声; Onnarashikoe (lit. Feminine Voice) – A reference back to Vy's voice, which is high and feminine sounding, which was done intentionally by the creator.
MODEL: TES-01 - can be found tattooed across his shoulder blades
GENDER Male. Commonly mistaken for female due to his voice VOICE RANGE C3~C6 RELATED CHARACTERS

Rhapsody Fukaine (cousin)
Ideka Techne (friend)
Akira Kobayashi(friend)
Violette "Vee" Onnarashikoe (older twin sister)Yura Taenaru (boss)
Kuroi Hana (girlfriend)

AGE 16 GENRE Pop, Ballad, Techno, Rock, Jazz HOMEPAGE Vy's Blog (official blog)
WEIGHT 130 lbs (59 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Dango; Vy is often seen eating Hanami dango though different types of dango can be depicted (i.e bocchan or Mitarashi) CREATOR arrogantchild632
BIRTHDAY November 29 LIKES Sweets, cute things/people, music, dango and making people happy MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE January 4, 2010 DISLIKES Being harrassed/yelled at, fights, his voice, being mistaken for a girl, perverts, shotacons, vegetables, and criticism SIGNATURE SONG Let it Out (Cover)
PERSONALITY: An optomistic 16 year old with a love for sweets and a slight habit of having a hard time saying "no" to people. He's eager to please and determined but easily discouraged often taking the constructive criticism of others rather harshly. He's also quite sensitive of his voice and would often appreciate if you refrained from bringing it up...otherwise he might end up crying.

Supplemental Information[]

Hair color: Black with lavender tips
Headgear: None
Eye color: Light Blue
Earphones: None
Dress: See concept art. A big black zip-up hoodie with a loose white shirt beneath it; grey skinny jeans; a white belt with a star on the buckle and rainbow studs; black ankle high lace-up boots
Nationality/Race: Japanese and Korean

Vy just recently got redesigned. His old concept art can be found here It was also revealed by his creator that his name, "Vy Onnarashikoe" is an alias used in reference to his voice and ("Onnarashii" means "feminine" or "lady-like" and "koe" means "voice" so "Onnarashikoe" was used to describe how high and girlish his voice is on purpose...though a lot of people don't seem to understand that fact) his actual name was revealed to be "Ban Okazaki".

Voice Configuration[]

Vy's Japanese voicebank is encoded in hiragana and romaji and is capable of singing English. His Chinese (Mandarin), English and Korean voicebanks are currently under construction. The creator is also working on Vy's Sweet Append. Vy's voice sounds high and feminine on purpose, as a joke by the creator but if you want him to sound more masculine, you could try adding the flags "g+10" in UTAU to make his voice lower. Vy's triphonic voicebanks are also his appends, starting with the "Strong Voice" bank, the first in the series to be released. His "Gentle Voice" bank—a softer voice, almost whisper-like perfect for ballads and lullabies—and "Mature Voice" bank—a much deeper, more masculine sounding Vy created for people who complained about his voice, wanting a much deeper quality—are currently a work in progress.

Vy Onnarashikoe (old voicebank / ACT ONE): Download

Vy Onnarashikoe 2.0 (updated voicebank / ACT TWO): Download

Vy Onnarashikoe -VCV Strong Voice- (standalone triphonic voicebank): Download VCV Song Sample: You And Beautiful World

Vy Onnarashikoe 1.5 -VCV Strong Voice- (standalone triphonic voicebank/fixed otos+a few added syllables): Download