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Kurenai Utahime (歌姫紅)


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Utahime is a complete diva who has a tendency to be narcissistic and sadistic. She is also deemed as a "himedere" character type.

Her code, LUV28 (originally LUV-28), is an abbreviation of the word "love" and "28" stems from her date of birth. Her code is located just above her left breast.

Her character item is said to be an umbrella/scepter. She likes clam chowder and getting her way and dislikes Miku Hatsune (she considers her as an archival) and chamomile tea.


  • 歌姫 - Utahime; Diva/Songstress.
  • 紅 - Kurenai; Crimson/Deep Red.


  • Hair color - Brown pigtails with red ombré.
  • Headgear - Crown.
  • Eye color -  Heterochromatic. Crimson red (right) and brown (left).
  • Earphones - None.
  • Outfit - See concept art. Lolita style, black. white, and crimson red color theme.


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Additional information


  • Her nationality or race is Japanese-American.
  • Her birthday was listed as February 28, 1998.


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