Uta Yureine

GENDER: female VOICE RANGE: depends on which bank

you're using

RELATED CHARACTERS: Kagami Yureine: sister
AGE: 18 GENRE: any HOMEPAGE: none
WEIGHT: a secret VOICE SOURCE: twibs/ onnovai REFERENCE: [link]
HEIGHT: six feet tall LIKES: nothing MEDIA LIST: [link]

PERSONALITY: speaks in a monotone voice. Generally doesn't care about what happens.

Uta m

Short History

Uta is a realistic android created to replace the daughter of a very rich family. However, she didn't want anything to do with them, despite having their recently passed daughter's memories. The only person she remains in contact with is her sister Kagami, or Kags, as Uta calls her.


There have been various voicebanks for her in the past, but currently the only one I'm willing to release is her act 2 cv. Send me a note on deviantart and we can work it out.

Usage Clause

You don't need to ask before using this voicebank. However, if the song you are planning on covering is unsafe for work or has political themes, please ask beforehand. Please don't make hentai or any other weird/nsfw stuff of this utau.

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