Update: I have made great progress with Nyana. She now has a wiki page. I created her first generation voice bank for testing the use of a "Nyaloid", and she has one song released on youtube, a cover of Toeto. However her Generation 1 voice bank is not going to be released, as it is not quite the sound I want for Nyana. I will be re-recording her voice and working from that Generation 2 voice in further projects. It is the Generation 2 VB that I will concider her official VB and will release once I learn how to do that.

>Second: I am currentley stuck as far as creating a profile page for Nyana, so for now progress has haulted. I've put in a question and I'll keep doing my research. Hopefully something will turn up soon.

>First: After a good bit of fiddling around with UTAU and learning how things work, I've finally completed a Nyaloid voice bank. She's no Teto for sure (maybe a little flat here and there), and her voicebank probably isn't compatable with any pre-set songs, but she's complete! Keep your eyes peeled for my lovely little Nyana! :3