Angello Revesos - 2019 Character Design

It's Jessy~! ^_^

Owner and manager of the following UTAUs: Jonetsune Kosuke , Jonetsune Daisuke , Angel Red , Yuki Kwon, Sonny Belgrave and Sensei (...I have 10 more but I'm not gonna list them here, besides, apart from 2 of them, they all don't have voices yet...)

*UPDATE: All of my UTAUloids have now been deemed Deceased and will not be given out as voicebanks anymore.*

I will no longer be providing my voicebanks to anyone now and I will kindly ask that anyone with ownership of these voices keep the banks to yourself, regardless if people ask.

That being said, if you still own said voicebank, you are free you use them in any songs you'd like in accordance with the Terms of Use on each individual UTAU's Page.

Thank you very much, being in the UTAU community has been a fun ride but, I'm now using these characters of mine as novel/manga characters so, I bid you farewell~! ^_^

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