Hello and welcome to my UTAU Wiki site! You will find information about me and my projects here.

About me

I am from Germany and 17 years old. My hobbies are:

  • listening to music (Vocaloid, Hard Rock, Metal, Classic, J-Rock, J-pop, Animesongs)
  • singing along with German versions of Vocaloidsongs on Youtube
  • reading Manga (mostly Main Stream)
  • watching Animes (of course!)
  • drawing pictures and editing them with Gimp

so the typical Otaku stuff^^

You can reach me on Youtube, too.

My UTAUloid

I recently released my first UTAUloid Beryll Heliodora. At the
  • Beryll Heliodora
  • Beryll Heliodora
  • Logo
moment she has two Japanese voicebanks; CV and CV-VC. You can find more information about her on her wikipage.
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