Umi Akua

Umi Akua's Official Art

Umi Akua


Umi (海) Meaning: Sea

Akua( アクア) Meaning: Aqua

Umi Akua is a Japanese UTAU. She has never been used and said to be created in 2010 or 2009. Nobody knows who Umi really is. Her creator and voice provider Yufu Setoki said that she was a private UTAU and could only be used by Yufu herself. In late 2011 Umi Akua was released on to the Japanese file sharing website Loda.Jp. Unfortunately, Umi's voicebank did not get any downloads, as Yufu didn't share the link to anyone. Umi Akua didn't success. Until, Yufu got an e-mail from Sen (線)saying that they would like to illustrate Umi for Yufu. Yufu refused as she said that we wanted Umi to continue to be a private UTAU. In June 2012 hackers were desperate to see Umi Akua's voicebank and hacked Yufu's files. They successed to get the voicebank and in July 2012 a romaji version of Umi Akua was created. Also an MMD model for Umi Akua was created.

Umi Akua MMD

Umi Akua's MMD model

I researched for days to try and find her voicebank, I couldn't find it...I got Yufu's e-mail and asked her if she could upload it to the web, she agreed and then uploaded the Romaji version to Bowl Roll. She uploaded it today (12th August 2012) So here's the download link:

Download link to Umi Akua's Voicbank

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