Ui Mochion (望音憂; もちおんうい) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


On September 2011, Lotus Leaf released an UTAU named Ui. At the time, Ui didn't have a family name and her name is pronounced by its alphabet (UI or Yu-Ai). Soon when her ACT 2 released, Lotus Leaf announced her family name, Mochion. One year later, Ui joined RimoConLoid. Ui and her cousin, Yoh were both released back in 2011, but due to the creator's personal problem they remain inactive. Lotus Leaf also released two append voicebanks, power and dark. On 2017, Ui cameback with a cover of a song named Patchwork Staccato and Meteor for Kingdom Hearts PVs. Her VCV debut song was Aishite Aishite Aishite but apparently the video was taken down by her creator.

Ui cameback with a new voicebank called NATIVE, which captured more natural sound of her voice. The Voicebank released on July 27, 2020.


Ui was born with her left eye not working. She got bullied a lot because of that. But instead of being sad about it, she always cheerful and loving. She had a crush on Yoh and treasure him a lot. If someone hurt him, she won't hesitate to kill them. Her creator also mentioned that she has Borderline Personality Disorder, thus, she's not really good at maintaining a relationship. Ui is also a follower of the Menhera subculture.

Likes: Yoh, onigiri

Dislikes: Secret♡


  • Ui - 憂; the kanji is from sadness.
  • もちおんうい - The Hiragana rendition of her name.


  • Hair color - Dark Brown
  • Headgear - An eyepatch, black and white colored headphone
  • Eye color - Magenta.
  • Outfit - She wears red and pink colored very long sleeves and white colored shorts. On her pink with black stripes shoes, there are two wings floating on each sides.


  • Yoh Seine - love interest
  • Waiko - duet mate, best friend
  • Usui - big brother
  • Utaya Sukene - friend
  • Mato - friend
  • Gakuya Sakurane - friend

Voice Configuration

Download on Ui Mochion's official website.

Usage Clause

  • Avoid any mary-sues.
  • Do not change any appearances that already be given out unless there is changes that have been made by the creator.
  • Allowed to be use freely, not for SALE.
  • Please DO NOT make her as a PITCHLOID.
  • Do not make her singing anything offinsive.
  • If you make her singing, send the video / song link to her creator, Lotus Leaf.

Certified true from Ui's creator, Lotus Leaf. Please do not change anything without Lotus Leaf's permission.


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