UTAUloid Subspecies refers to UTAUloids that are produced from existing voicebanks through pitch manipulation, usually by gender factor editing. The difference is that these UTAUloid Subspecies are officially sanctioned by their source voicebank authors / creators. In layman's term, these are genderbent / alternate UTAUloids promoted by the same voicebank creator that they came from. UTAUloids produced from pitch manipulations that are done by fans belong to Fanmade UTAUloids.

Subspecies with the same family name as their source voicebank

Genderbends and subspecies attributed as an immediate family member or opposite gender counterpart.

  • Tona Eiga (永歌トナ) - from Eru Eiga, male.
  • Heizen Sogone (齟齬音ヘイぜン) - From Shizu Sogone, male
  • Anjing Sogone (齟齬音アンジン) - From Shizu Sogone , female
  • Kiiro Nane (鳴音キイロ) - from Kii Nane, male.
  • Max (マックス) - from Marielle, male, brother to Marielle.
  • Ayumu Sumine (澄音アユム) - From Aya Sumine, male, brother to Aya.
  • Niyo Chane (茶音ニヨ) - from Niko Chane, male, brother to Niko.
  • Wink Kazeyama (風山ウィンク) - from Windy Kazeyama, male, brother to Windy.
  • Wendy Kazeyama (風山ウェンディ) - from Windy Kazeyama, female, sister to Windy.
  • Keiti Baionoto (倍音音ケイティ) - from Kenji Baionoto, female, little sister to Kenji.
  • Hentai Shaine (シャイネヘンタイ) - from Hantai Shaine, male, 'brother' or male counterpart.
  • Yume Asune (明日音ユメ) -from Asune Takara, female, older sister of Takara
  • Kairos Orahi (オーラ日カイロス) from Kaishi Orahi, male.
  • Ruki Kuchiki (朽木 ルキ) - from Haruka Kuchiki, female-counterpart.
  • Ichine Kurosaki (黒崎 市音) - from Mizuki Kurosaki, male-counterpart.

Entirely different personas

Genderbends and subspecies forming a completely different entity with little to no relation from the source.

  • Toni Michishige (道重トニ) - from Tony Yonné, female.
  • Camilo Adagio (カミロ・アダージョ) - From Camila Melodia, male.
  • Valentine Akai (赤いヴァレンティン) - From Celestine Aoi, male.
  • Pigeon Windy (ピジョン・ウィンディー) - From Windy Kazeyama, female, animal counterpart.
  • Reru Yorune (夜音レル)-From Wayu Hyoune, female, the UTAUloid who represents the element dark in the elemental vocaloid series.
  • Rai Koune (光音ライ) -From Wayu Hyoune, male the UTAUloid who represents the element light in the elemental vocaloid series.
  • Fuusen Tachibana (立花フーセン) - From Hisoka Kurosawa, male. Adopted little brother to Hisoka.
  • Loco Takoga (蛸歌ロコ) - from Lock, female.
  • Mutsu On (音六) - From Cain Rokune, female
  • Kaichi Orahi (オーラ日カイチ) - from Kaishi Orahi , cat? (Kaichi is to Kaishi what Hachune is to Miku)
  • Shinichi Izumi (泉 新一) - from Shinichi Migine, male, the Utauloid who represents the innocent and "true gentlemen" personality of Migine.
  • Noel Chuckstern (ノエル · チャックスターン) - from Kaiserine Sympherianne, male.