This page documents an official UTAU Wiki policy~!
It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

The following are the house policies UTAU wiki, that must be observed universally.

General Policies

  1. The Conflict of Interest clause normally found in Wikis is waived in UTAU wiki, to allow voicebank authors to promote their works, and to allow the unrestricted indexing of voicebanks that are compliant to the UTAU Usage Policy.
  2. Trolling, harassment and all kinds of hostility and intimidation is strictly forbidden, and will be dealt with harshly.
  3. Defacing of pictures and making unwanted modifications to pictures is strictly forbidden.
  4. All voicebank entries must involve the usage of UTAU. Pitch-change voices without the use of UTAU, or live singers masquerading as UTAUloids will not be included in the listing and may be deleted from the wiki and/or added to the black list.
  5. In addition, all voicebank variations including pitch manipulations done to the samples must have written consent from the source voicebank. (The only exception is variations done by the exact same creator or a competent representative.) Otherwise such voicebanks will be treated as cases of plagiarism and will merit penalties.
  6. In connection, all voicebank artwork must typically comprise of original creations and not modifications and/or tracing of stock art or any existing artwork. Any artwork base plagiarizing or used without permission will be penalized.
  7. Racism in all forms and kinds is strictly forbidden.
  8. Plagiarism and/or theft not limited to voicebanks is strictly forbidden and once proven, will earn a blacklist and an entry in Blacklisted UTAUloids if left unresolved or repeated infractions occur. Such acts are not tolerated in art sites and this holds true as well in UTAU Wiki.
  9. In the event of conflict, administrators will preside over the situation, and will make decisions regarding the issue.
  10. All article names pertaining to characters, regardless of origin are to be written in the Western naming order; Given name first. All entries found not to be in this naming order will be converted. When justified, only Chinese and certain Korean names will be allowed to be named in the Family name-first order. The reason for this is for proper organization of UTAUloids throughout this wiki.
  11. All misuse of languages are subject to correction and editing, while attempting to maintain the original idea of the author. In the event the misuse is part of a prevailing/released work, remarks will be written as clarification to viewers. Sanctions and penalties may be given to those that persist upon incorrect interpretations despite repeated explanations, especially to voicebanks and songs that are not considered established. (ie. not widely published or talk of the town)
  12. Contesting of a voicebank's attributes should be done at the talk page. In case of serious infractions, notify the administrator through their talk pages.
  13. Policies in UTAU wiki may be changed anytime to adjust to changes in the program, software, trends and situation.
  14. Exploiting of rule loopholes will be dealt with VERY harshly.
  15. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. All people in UTAU wiki are expected to have read and understood the rules herein, and in the Terms and Conditions.
  16. If you made a mistake or a violation in any of the above; there is one simple way to avoid punishment; resolve the issue and don't do it again on purpose.
  17. Activities conducted in the Wiki must typically comprise of constructive edits, additions and updates. Any activity found to be simply of nuisance nature, or to farm points and rewards without veritable contribution will be dealt with harshly.

Page Ethics

  1. A single profile page may only house one character at a time. If multiple characters are found, they shall be spun off to separate pages.
  2. A page for collective UTAUloids for a particular brand may house only concise summaries of their members, that shall link to their respective character profile pages.
  3. Incorrect information in relation to the Japanese language (such as names, meanings and interpretation) may be clarified or adjusted anytime without notice. Help can be asked in this matter. Of course, you are free to set a name in your native language or a non-Japanese name. You do not always have to name your UTAUloid in Japanese.
  4. Unwanted editing, vandalism and unjustified removal of articles is forbidden.
  5. Renaming of articles done by unauthorized entities will be dealt with harshly.
  6. Article hijacking or takeovers (eg. editing of an existing character article into a different character without permission) will be dealt with VERY harshly.
  7. Article protection may be applied to pages that are frequently vandalized anytime.
  8. Relationship statuses (ie friends, lovers, siblings, etc) must be proposed first to the target character's creator via the character's talk page, ESPECIALLY if the relationship type is sensitive or intimate. No unsolicited relationships shall be allowed, and will be deleted on sight. Persistent offenses of this type may warrant harsh penalties. Exceptions may be given, on a case-to-case basis, as in the case of edits by prominent creators and producers whose relationship are well established and popular. Unsolicited relationships pertain to new, obscure, never-heard-of or unpopular faces who establish a relationship in a character's profile page other than the ones they rightfully own, without a perceivable and due cause.
  9. UTAU Wiki has no provision to limit the edit of a page to its creator and administrators only. This is a Wikia limitation.