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  • How to download, install, and troubleshoot the UTAU program.
  • View System Preparation page for system requirements.

This section shows you how to download and install UTAU. In addition, it also shows a few points of interest on the main website.

Downloading and Installing UTAU

To acquire the UTAU program, you must go to UTAU's site. Instructions are provided below for the Japanese illiterate.

First, click "ダウンロード" to reach the site for downloading. Or go directly to here to download the latest version.

Then click on "v#.#.## インストーラ" (replace '#' with numbers of latest version) and save. This is the installer. ("v#.#.## zipアーカイブ" is a zip. As we're doing a fresh install, we want the installer.)

Click on the setup file to execute, and change the installation path if needed. Note that the installer is in Japanese.

Basic Troubleshooting

Q1.) When I try to start up UTAU, I keep getting the error "Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered "a file is missing or invalid."
A1.) Follow the instructions here. Try registering COMDLG32.OCX first if it's already present before replacing it. If running a 64-bit OS, replace 'System32' with 'SysWOW64'. (Successfully tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.)
Q2.) When I try to start up UTAU, I keep getting the error "??? <C:/Users/(My username)~1/AppData/Local/Temp/IXP000.TMP/setup.exe> ??????????? "The requested operation requires elevation." What does this mean?
A2.) This is a problem observed exclusively in Vista, 7 and 8 machines. Check your copy of UTAU and make sure the shortcut references to the correct file. Try running UTAU from its folder by double-clicking utau.exe. If the same problem still occurs, run utau.exe as administrator.
Q3.) When I try to start UTAU, I'm always getting Componet 'mscomctl.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
A3.) Like with Q1, Download a copy of mscomctl.ocx somewhere (Google will tell you a good place for it), extract it to windows\system32 or (syswow64) and in command prompt, run "regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx". For Vista and later machines, the command prompt must be launched on an elevated (administrator) access.
Q4.) While trying to render the notes, I noticed that the command prompt gives "error loading file" for certain phonemes it tries to process.
A4.) This is a problem with multiple causes. It can be caused by incorrect extraction, insufficient system privileges, kana and romaji incompatibility, and commonly, locale settings. Non-Japanese locales trying to process the file will always cause this error. If the locale is set to Japan yet this error persist, it could be the samples itself that can be the source of the problem.
Q5.) When I start up UTAU, there's a dialog box that shows up that says "bad file name or number", and after i click OK, the program starts up, but then another box shows up saying "subscript out of range", and it comes back after i click OK for that one too. sorry, but could you help? i already have the whole component thing in Q1, and it still doesn't work.

A5.) It can be caused by mojibake, aka. garbage filename, caused by incorrect encoding at the time of archive extraction. With incorrect locale settings, Defoko becomes unstable and UTAU starts with an error. Try to change your default voicebank. This glitch isn't observed at v2.77 and later. If these problems persist, it seems that you installed a zip version of UTAU. Use WinRAR to extract files, and/or download the VB6 runtimes.

Q6.) I justed download Teto and the latest UTAU software and it won't let me use my Utau. I tried it many times, but it just won't operate but I keep pressing Yes, No, and Cancel. I don't know what happened and I don't speak Japanese. So, isn't it a glitch or is it that I am doing a step wrong? and if you don't get what I mean, I mean that it says something strange when you open the software.

Q7.) Whenever I try open UTAU, it just freezes on the loading screen. Everytime I have to close it with Task Manger. This has been going on for a while.

Q8.) When I try to play notes, I have an error that says "Failed to render wav file." What should I do?

Other links in the UTAU Website

  • 掲示板 is a message board. (It appears to be for problems and questions concerning the operation of UTAU).
  • 作者ブログ leads to a Japanese blog.
  • UTAU@Wiki leads to the Japanese UTAU wiki.
  • UTAU互助会Wiki leads to another wiki mainly used for tutorials.

At the bottom of the page are links to UTAU tutorials from Nico Nico Douga.

If you scroll to the bottom of the download page, you can download several UTAU voicebanks. The voices are as follows:

Aques Talk [Voice] Male 1. Possibly Defosuke.

Also included on the download page:

  • Visual Basic 6 runtime files (link leads to another Japanese site)