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Welcome to UTAU wiki! This wiki is dedicated to exchanging information about the UTAU program and serves as a voicebank database.

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To all the UTAU pages that got purged this day, may you recover and or rest in peace. 🙏

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What is UTAU?

UTAU is a Japanese singing synthesizer application created by Ameya/Ayame.

UTAU is similar to the VOCALOID software, with the difference being it is shareware instead of under a third party licensing, and anybody can create one! UTAUloids, similarly to VOCALOIDs, are virtual singers to put it simply. To make an UTAUloid, a user would record samples of themself talking/singing strings of syllables in almost any language, sometimes recording the same reclist (recording list or recite list) multiple times at different pitches to achieve a voice with a wider singing range. These collections of recordings are referred to as a voice library or voicebank.


Special Features, Guides, Walkthroughs and Troubleshooting

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  • Help:Downloading and Installing UTAU voicebanks
  • Help:Compressing and Decompressing UTAU voicebanks
  • Help:Importing from a VSQ file
  • Help:Exporting a UST file / Tweaking and editing
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