Matsuyuki Usagi 『末雪うさぎ』

[ USAGI ] is her stage name.


Female Voice Range F3~A5 Related Character

Hiro and Xirion (Childhood Friend)

Age 16 Genre Pop, Pop-electronic, ballad, slow song Homepage USACHANNEL
Weight 39 Kg Character
Antique Music Box Creator and Voice Source


Height 146 cm Likes Starry sky Media List Soundcloud
Relased Date 18 April 2014 Dislikes Insect Signature Song

Shinkai Shoujo [V.01]

V0iCE [V.02]

Birthday 3 March Personality Usagi is a honest, a bit clumsy and childish. She appears as a nice-and-always-smiling girl.She's bad with strangers.

Character Desgin

Hair Color : Light Blonde

Eye Color : Red

Clothing : She often wear one piece dress with a soft color and a uniform for a performance.

Nationality : Japanese


  • Her name, Usagi, is given because her hair color are almost white and she had red eyes that resemble a snow rabbit.
  • Meaning of her surname, Matsuyuki, is 'late snow' (literaly). But the true meaning is 'late winter and the beggining of spring when flowers begin to bloom'.
  • At first, 'Matsuyuki Usagi' is the creator pen name all over the internet. But later on she's decided to make it as her Original Character. From now on, the creator use 'Matsuyukixirion' or 'Matsuyuki Bunny' for her pen name.
  • The number of usagi's version is based on voice bank recording. V.02 means the voice bank is use a whole new recorded file.

Character Personality

  • She's have phobia on insect, including butterfly
  • She loves furry animals such as cat and dog
  • She love to eat.
  • She only can sing pop and light song, but she listen all kind of music genre.

Voice Configuration

USAGi's voice is encoded in Hiragana with Romaji aliases.

Version Change Log Demo VB Download
USAGI V.01 None



USAGI V.02.1

-A whole new VB

-Clearer voice

-Recorded with a better mic


Hello How Are You


Flags : Y5g-2t2 [Optional]

Usage Clause

  • Please do not pitch the voicebank.
  • Not for commercial use.
  • Do not steal both the character desgin and voicebank.
  • Do not violate any rights or copyright policies using this character.


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