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Tsubasa Arugo (亜留郷翼 [あるごつばさ]) is a voicebank for the UTAU/UTAU-Synth program.


Tsubasa is an angel god boy living in the superior underground of the darkness of gay within - lasaillax 2020


His old name was "Gavenloid" which was WinterStar's old YouTube channel name however, Ken-chan renamed him under WinterStar's discretion, by a few simple Google searches. They both came up with Tsubasa Arugo, which is Tsubasa (翼, wings), and Arugo (亜留郷, question). Arugo is also the Engrish pronunciation of "Argo", which is Tsubasa's creator's last name.

Appearance and Design

Tsubasa Arugo's rainbow sweater was added to represent Pride Month, and to show that everyone is perfect the way they are! Under his sweater, he wears a basic white polo shirt, making him look pretty casual. One of his notable accessories includes a gray cross under his polo shirt's collar. On his right ear, there's an earphone with a microphone attached to it. On his pants he wears a belt. He has white sneakers with angel wings on the sides, which is a little throwback to Ken Shippai's ACT 6's shoes.


When Tsubasa was a little cub, he was abandoned by his biological parents; who were later killed by a mysterious hunter.

He was found by Kyoko, a young girl and her family: Annette, her mother and Shizuka, her father. Kyoko felt really bad for him and insisted to his parents to keep him; which they did, and Tsubasa became their pet wolf.

When he grew up, he became anthropomorphic and grew angel wings. Kyoko and her parents were really surprised by it; and gave him some clothes to cover his body.

Then, they started considering if Tsubasa was old enough to go on with his life or stay with them and become a member of their family. Kyoko's parents decided that she'd leave the choice to her and Tsubasa, and so he became an official member of the Arugo family. (wow, some logic)

Product Infomation


Voicebank Type: Natural VCV

Pitches: B2, D3, F3, Soft (G3), B3, Power (D4)

Extras: Start Breaths, End breaths, Vocal Fry (Vowels Only)


Voicebank Type: Arpasing English

Pitch: A3

Extras: n/a


Voicebank Type: Natural VCCV Spanish

Pitches: F3

Extras: End breaths


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