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Important pieces of information


(Trivy: from lat. "Trivia", meaning "of the three ways", Sankakukei: jap. "Triangle")

Japanese: トリビー (Toribii) サンカクキー (Sankakukii)


Namine Ritsu (idol), Purisumu (friend), Trevyn Sankakukei (twin brother), Kanjo Onsei (friend), Bai Xiányong (friend)

AGE 17
CHARACTER ITEM geometry set square CREATOR Chitacithepeace
BIRTHDAY 15th of November LIKES geometrical shapes, her friends, warm days, sewing, traveling Websites: Chitaci thepeace on Youtube
DISLIKES People who make fun of her for the triangle birthmark, arrogance, swear words, her full name (is embarassed of it), pain SIGNATURE SONG Soleil
PERSONALITY: Trivy is a shy, cheerful and calm girl,who enjoys it to have friends around she can make happy.

If someone's sad, she doesn't hesitate on cheering them up or giving advice.
She's very mature for her age, but still a little naive and easily forgiving.

This makes her easy to fool with, because she constantly keeps seeing the good in people.
Thus she's really quiet and shy around strangers and only has a few friends, but they mean the world to her.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown Eye color: Heterochromia, right eye is golden. left eye is blue Earphones: Black with blue and gold Nationality: Japanese-American


  • She has symptomes of anxiety.
  • She is rather alone but can become clingy around good friends.
  • She has a boyfriend.
  • She's awkwardly tall for a girl.

Voice Configuration + MMD-model (downloads)

Trivy's standard Voicebank can be downloaded here !

Trivy's MMD-model can be downloaded here ! (It's by KKlightdragon (Deviantart)/Akt Productions (YouTube), please credit!)

Her genderbend is Trevyn Sankakukei. He has g+20 genderfactor.


Trivy has had a though childhood, being bullied for her birthmark a lot. Other than her brother she had much more probems with ignoring it, making her dislike going outside or to school and leading her to become shy and reserved. Trivy didn't tell anyone though because she doesn't want to make people worry or get involved because of her. But after her parents and teachers became aware of her situation, a school change was the best option they came p with to put her in a distance from her bullies. These are just very brief descriptions of her backstory, the rest shall remain unreleased yet, since Trivy herself dislikes talking about it.

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