The world was at war. The Keepers of Seasons defended themselves against the vicious attacks of their creators, the gods of the land and sea. These gods, who considered the race of centaurs to be weak, sought to destroy them entirely. In the midst of The Great War, a sole child was born, a fawn of two brave warriors from the tribe. The two loved this child with all of their hearts, but he could not grow in a world with such chaos. They took their child to a place where neither centaur nor god could find him, a place called The Vale. It was a place where the horrors of The Great War would never be able to harm their boy, and he could live in peace with nature. The two warriors painted on his face, to forever remind him of their love. That day, they said goodbye to their little boy. That day, they knew they would never return. The fawn was alone. 

        Many years had passed. The fawn with no name had grown with The Vale, teaching himself how to survive and thrive with the other animals on the river. He bid his time with the arts, from simple scratchings in the sand, to carvings on trees, to paintings in the deep caves. One theme that stayed constant, however, was that the mysterious figures of his parents were always there. He remembered them only vaguely, but remembered them he did. Why did they leave him? Where had they gone? Did he do something to make them leave him? As these questions grew, so did his bravery.

The fawn with no name finally decided that he could no longer wait. He left his home on the river, following it away from the mountains, away from the forest. After many days, he found himself at the edge of the sea, a sprawling mass of water that he could have never thought about seeing before. It was magnificent. The fawn ran into it, splashing about, feeling and tasting the salty air on his lips. Peering about, he noticed two figures in the distance, side-by-side, staring out toward the ocean.

Supplemental Information Edit

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Light blue to Grey

Drum: with a long strap with turquoise dots representing the river

Deertaur Body: the boy is a deertaur what can I say.

Nationality: English

Voice Configuration Edit

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Usage Clause Edit

  • Do not alter / change any appearance that had already given out without asking author permission first.
  • Do not pitch his voice or use him as pitchloid.
  • Do not claim him as yours.
  • Him voicebank is not for commercial use.
  • Feel free to play with his oto to get the sound you want
    Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Not Required
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    Permission Required
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    Permission Required
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