Toutou Foster

Touzein Foster

Touzein(left) and Toutou(right) Foster

Touzein and Toutou Foster: Twins, Not exactly Identical, Voice Provider:Aishababy

Touzein Foster: Hairclip-Happy face yellow Hair- Short around head. Middle Center of head has longer hair that are in two strands and are dyed black long 2 strands of hair on each side of head on bottom back of neck Hair color- Mainly White some black Eye Color- Yellow golden Height:5'6 Age:19 Race:White Details: Wears baggy Clothes thinks he is a rabbit Likes: Toutou, Nature (intense love for it), Making medicine, curing people of sickness, Helping people in general. Dislikes: Fire, (most) Technology, When people hate eachother, when people are hurting (in anyway)

Toutou Foster: Details: Sounds and comes off as a boy to others, Thinks she is a rabbit, Wears Baggy Clothes. Hairclip: Unhappy face Magenta like Height:5'6 Age:19 Eye color- Yellow golden Hair: White and Black hair(nearly the same as touzein's see other pictures) Likes:Touzein, Friends with Clyde Amaski, Likes Technology (deeply likes it), likes making fun of people, bullying, and Fire Dislikes:People in General except for a few others, when someone is really happy, Nature (even though she does think she's a rabbit.


Touzein and Toutou Foster CV can be downloaded


DETAILED BANK INFO: Touzein and Toutou are both one Voicebank Toutou has hiragana alias while Touzein has default romaji sounds you use these alias to alternate the voices Touzeins voice is much more stable then Toutou's basically because Toutou is a repitch of Touzein which is why i released them together This Voicebank has not been released yet but the voices can be found on my youtube Utau's have a strong Accent to their voice and have "Lazy R's" they are like try hard rolled R's

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