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Tokuma Kyoushiro
  • Feral Kyoushiro
  • Anthro Kyoushiro
  • Headshot
  • English Tribal Kyoushiro
  • Append Lipsync
Tokuma Kyoushiro
Other names
  • Tokuma Kyoushiro
  • Kyo, Fox,
GenderMale (tends to look femlae by others 8D )
Model # Furloid 01 ( As in his installment) 17 (as of his age)
Optimum genreAnything
Optimum Tempo85~175BPM
Optimum RangeF # 3 ~ C # 6 (has a female like voice bank at F4)
Character Items

Drawing pad, Sword, Kitten, Shiny Umbreon Doll


Related Characters


Ookami Tsuki, Tokuma Kyoko, Rishi Minakami

Kuripoid (Friend) Cody Akiyama (one of his best friends)

Shadow, InSaNe, Hagane, Angel, Rejected, Emotionless, Lighting-Flame(VCV) Stone, Alpha,

Tokuma Kyoushiro is the first UTAU voiced by Kitsune-HoshiYoru on Youtube and Deviantart. Kyoushiro first started out as a Character for roleplaying, his appearance is feral and  he has gained the anthro appeal to him. Depending on how he wants to look he will either be in his feral or in his anthro form. He can still be seen and drawn in both forms. and other things of the sort. It was a in October 2008 when  he was first given a voice. His looked has changed over the course of time to what it is now. Most of the art for him can be found at either DA or Furaffinity"


Tokuma Kyoushiro tends to be a very lovable person, He likes to be in nature and with animals. He is shy when it comes to meeting new people but once he is over that he wont stop talking to them. He tends to be quiet and sits off with himself. Thou he does have a voilent side to him. it does not show up very often unless he is really angry or depressed. He like the rain, computers, Gaming and animals. What he dislikes is Haters, Most people, Computer viruses.

Supplement Info:

Hair: dark brown-Black

eye: Light blue to sea blue

height: 5 ft 6in


clothing: Half cut shirt vest, collor around his neck which is black, black pants with zipped out holes at the knees. glowsticks on tail and beltloops. Purple strip on both sides of pants stopping at knees and going out to the other side, smae on bottom

Likes: Drawing, Nature, The rain, gaming, Computers, Post apocolyptic events or movies, Horror

Dislikes: Being a bondoned, most of the people that he meets, not being able to do what he wants to,

Nationality:Wolf/Fox/Snow Leopard


Media list: youtube

Other Infomartion:

Tokuma Kyoushiro has 2 acts currently in use by the creator. Act 1 is Muffled and soft sounding, while Act 2 is more clear and soft. In Act 2 there is also his English (Which is currently being worked on), Japanese, Appends (Angel, Shadow, Insane and Hagane) and his Standalone Triphones. Currently Kyoushiro is not up for download. The one part that may be up for download later is the Triphones. Thou he sounds not robotic and others yet he has a soft and gentle sound to his voice. He can be heard on Youtube Youtube Channel along with other characters he is related to, like Ookami Tsuki, Kyoko, Rishi, and the Kedouzen Twins. There are two signiture songs for Kyoushiro they are called Hollow and Burial of the Soul, which both are in the making and copyrighted to Kitsune-hoshiyoru.

Kyoushiro Bust

Quick doodle of Kyoushiro


Currently Tokuma Kyouhiro has Two models one for his normal and one for his append. Append MMD also has a Project DIva Model to it. Pictures of them shall be added in the near future.

Due to the fact they both have to be recreated again since the creators computer has crashed.


Japanese: Acts 1 and 2 both can read hiragana and Romaji

Triphones: Only as Act 1 and not in much use

Appends: Japanese (romaji hiragana 1 Append is VCV but can read VCV hira and romaj)

English (also known as Tribal): it is what it is

Korean: english/ romaji

Russian: being recorded

Spanish: Mostly recorded ( Mostly done because I took the class)

Notable Songs/Demos:

ACT 1:






Recently in the passed year Kyoushiro was featured in a Virtual Concert held a convention In Mexico City. A link to this Concert can be found here.Concert. This Project was called Project Synth and was created by Kriec. Kyoushiro was only a particapant in this event.


Currently The Voicebanks is privately Download only. Trusted personal can be given the link.

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