• This highlight is to announce the need for a Maintenance admin(s)/mod(s). I myself am a maintenance admin/sysop because I have little knowledge of UTAU (as I am more of a VOCALOID fan).

    To fulfill this request, there are requirements. . .

    • Must be older than 13 years of age.
    • Have been on Wikia for (at the most) 3 years.
    • Have made over 50 or 100 legitimate edits on UTAU Wikia. This can include edits to your own UTAU character page and helpful edits to other UTAU character pages.
    • Must know the basic skills of Wikia: editing, formatting, minor coding, template making/function, categorizing, linking etc.
    • Being aware that having accessible tools for the purpose of maintenance does not make you the default ruler of UTAU . ' This is a community '.
    • Having a sense of patience. This is in relation to reacting to a situation that may require you to be the absolute when problem solving.
    • Recognizing blatant vandalism, user harassment, and falsification of a subject's existence.

    Other must haves include. . .

    • Being aware of what an UTAU is,- be it the program, some characters, and voicebanks.
    • Having some knowledge of the UTAU program.
    • Knowing the legality of voicebank creation.
    • Being aware that original artwork of a character is highly preferred over using copyrighted imagery.

    The current users with administrator titles are the following. . .

    While some can be contacted, such as myself, others may not be.

    The Wikia staffer (User:Sannse), has the power to grant bureaucrat, sysop status to an account. Please, DO NOT BEG for the rights to be a bureaucrat, sysop, it will be ignored.

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    • This request will carry on for at least 7 days (Through August, since it is Summer)*. This means doing checks on those who seem to have meet the requirements above. Please comment that you volunteer and then leave a link to your user page and contributors. You may discuss the purpose of this thread here, Thank you.

      List of users who meet the requirements are. . .

      * edited 7/22/16 to extend the time.

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    • I meet all requirements except for the "Must be on wiki for 3+ years" rule...And the "100 Edits" rule, unfortunately, whoops.

      However, I was here for 2 years.

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    • This is an awsome offer and i would love to, now i may not have been here for three years i have experience with Utauloid program and have experimented since i was 14. My experince with Wikia didn't come except a few months ago because i didn't really think of anything to have people wiki about until i thought about Utauloid and did. My main reason I have a Wikia page is to do editing so I think i would be great at editing. I have never done any harassment, vandalisim, or falsification on any Utauloid page. Lastly, I have great patience and would be willng to deal with any long edits or anything else long thrown at me. If you can I would love to become a sysop with Utau wiki and this would be a great honor for me so please consider me    

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    • Zaposhock wrote: I have never done any harassment, vandalisim, or falsification on any Utauloid page.

      You are not qualified. You have changed the information on UTAU pages to fit your narrative, thus I don't trust your edits. The information for the UTAUs that you changed were clearly visible on their official site.

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    • I would also like to note that I have not been on the wikia for 3+ years either. In case that makes a big difference.

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    • I am very sorry and will change them if needed however i did not know that the Utau's I changed were important in the Utauloid community. I am not begging but apologizing, What i did was change gender and thought that it would be right acording to appearance this may sound very stuiped and yes i'm sorry it was selfish please write back telling me that the apology was accepted, again I am not begging just apologizing. If needed I will change the way the Utaus were before even the catchphrase for Yami.

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    • I'm sorry I realized all of them have been changed and don't worry I will stop commenting now until told to

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    • Time has been extended. The request will go through August, since it is Summer and people are likely not on as much.

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    • It's September now, but still. I would like to help, but I really don't meet most of these requirements. I have the UTAU program and know quite a bit about it, I have an UTAU so I know the basic terms (mostly), and I'm an admin on another wiki. However, I've been on Wikia for less than a year, and I'm pretty sure I have less than 20 edits.

      I honestly just wanted to put this here because the time for the requests has ended, and if this is open again in 2017 I should be eligible. Sorry!

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    • Bunai82, maybe with the lack of candidates, it would be good to change the criteria a bit?

      (this is just a suggestion, I'm not interfering as staff ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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