• This wiki is going through remodeling, see {{Utau Character/preload}} and {{Derivative Character/preload}} for the new layouts!

    1•New categories and table templates are still a work in progress.

    2•Request deletions using {{Delete|<And explain the reasons why>}}. DO NOT Rename the page!

    3•UTAU characters with no voicebank or no profile activity (2017 at the latest) will be viewed abandoned and and will be deleted.

    4•UTAU pages with multiple unverified edits will be viewed as vandalism and reverted to the original page maker.

    5•Unauthorized materials (such as stolen and uncredited artworks or voicebanks) will be deleted.

    6•Fanmades (or derivatives) with no intended voicebanks will be archived or deleted. Keep these creations to User page or Blog postings.

    Thank you and more to come... 15:22, June 20, 2019 (UTC)

    Should you have any questions, complaints, or need assistance, ask the administrators [here].

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    • I need my UTAU page locked because it keeps being vandalized...

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    • Does it cost to leave it up? Like no more editing, but just leaving it up like it is now? I like this one better, but that's just me ;w; (I'm well known for resisting any and all change lol)

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    • You mean does it cost this wiki anything to leave any Utauloid pages here? No, it does not.

      Due to how unorganized this wiki is, I think the original admin found it best to move to a different site that has a solid layout and policies. Although I would like to make attempts at fixing up this wiki, it will be a long while as I have many other wikis to work on and UTAU voicebanks are not my hobby.

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    • I can help out with the wikia. I stay pretty on top of things and have the time to help :)

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    • Hi, I just want to make it clear that this wiki will remain open and available for anyone to use. Each of you will be able to choose which wiki you prefer, or even if you want to use both :)

      I know some good people have decided to move, but I'm hopeful we can rebuild this community and make it as good, if not better, than before!

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    • A FANDOM user
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