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Hikune Taiki (低音待機)
低 = Hiku = Loud

音 = Ne = Sound

待機 = Taiki = No official meaning

TYPE: Zetsune Project

GENDER Demiboy VOICE RANGE F#2~D5 RELATED CHARACTERS Taiki Hikune (Western order)

Angel Seraphina (Fellow ZP Member)

Anya Andopoid (Cousin)

Kero Akiyama (Rival)

Taro Choi (Lover)

Kaniza Konaasaka (Sister)

Rizumu Teion (Friend)

WEIGHT Undisclosed CHARACTER ITEM Hot Sauce CREATOR UTAUDoge/ SenseiBoredom
HEIGHT 5'9ft. (175.26cm) VOICE SOURCE UTAUDoge/ SenseiBoredom PICTURE LINK LIST MaedaDaikiD2 on DeviantArt.
BIRTHDAY 1/13/95 LIKES Andopoid Anya

Hot Sauce

MEDIA LIST Coming soon
PERSONALITY: Taiki is an ageless demiboy that has a compelling erge to execute Akiyama Kero for stealing his popularity. He has no personality, But he's a Bironmantic Homosexual. In the cannon ZetsuneMix, Taiki's the cousin of a fanloid called, Andopoid Anya. Their item is hot sauce, Which he puts on everything. Haruto lives with Kero, but visits their boyfriend a lot, His name is Choi Taro. Haruto’s pronouns are He/ They.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Dark blue, with bangs slit up to the top of his head. Held in a ponytail. Back Hair similar Rin's.

Headgear: None.

Eye color: Dark blue.

Earphones: Navy blue headset with blue plates near the mic.

Dress: 2008-09 Crypton design. Detached, sleeves, cyber shaw with a tight top and a tie, belt on his left side, knee length shorts, socks with blue lines, and small boots.

Favorite phrase: Hanarero, Kero! (離れろ,ケロ!; "Go away, Kero!")

Nationality/Race: Half Japanese half American.


Taiki Hikune started as a voiceless character when a fanloid turned into an UTAU, Then back into a fanloid. A user called ZetsuneProjectContes originally made the design, while UTAUDoge/ SenseiBoredom came up with the name. Haruto was generally a gift for UTAUDoge, while the fanloid's voice didn't fit them as much as Taiki, His design was made in MikuMikuDance He is currently in the Zetsune Project, which is a project that gives Fanloids voices and UTAU's popularity.

Voice Configuration

Product Information
  Genre: Pop  Range: F#2~D2  Tempo: Default
  Input: Hiragana encoded, Romaji aliased.  Vowels: CV  System: Windows
Package details as noted:

-Broken Oto.ini -Longer Notes -Crashes at Mo and Wa

Downloads as noted:

天音ハルトACT1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WPy2bHYhOI2D6LN_bnWZxsr0lDgIU1C6/view?usp=sharing

Product Information
  Genre: Pop  Range: F#2~D2  Tempo: Default
  Input: Hiragana encoded, Romaji aliased.  Vowels: CV  System: Windoes
Package details as noted:

-Better Oto.ini -Shorter Notes -Terrible emphasis on Ku, Ke, and Ka. -The A note sounds more robotic than the rest.

Downloads as noted:

天音ハルトACT2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yts4ZP-0Z4zpnVxXtgLwXOW8pFTI-5vj/view?usp=sharing


Usage Clause

  1. You may not use Taiki in slander of any sort.
  2. Please refrain from using Taiki in any 18+ content, except songs.
  3. Do not claim Taiki as your own, He belongs to SenseiBoredom, and the Zetsune Project members.
  4. You may use him for commercial advertisement.
  5. If you use Haruto, Please credit SenseiBoredom.
  6. If his voicebanks have any problem, Be sure to report it to SenseiBoredom.
  7. Please DO NOT edit Taiki’ wiki page. Only I (SenseiBoredom) have permission to do that.

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