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  • Vcolor is used in templates that require a specified value:
|color =
  • Character infoboxes use Themes.css that require a specified value:
|theme =


Default colors

default default2 black0

Basic colors

  • Basic colors 1:

red1 orange1 yellow1 green1 blue1 purple1 pink1 brown1 black1 white1

  • Basic colors 2:

red2 orange2 yellow2 green2 blue2 purple2 pink2 brown2 black2 white2

  • Basic colors 3:

red3 orange3 yellow3 green3 blue3 purple3 pink3 brown3 black3 white3

Color on color

  • Color on color 1:

red4 orange4 yellow4 green4 blue4 purple4 pink4 brown4

  • Color on color 2:

red5 orange5 yellow5 green5 blue5 purple5 pink5 brown5

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