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This template is used to create notification banners.


1=, color=
A color to be used throughout the template. Any color that is valid in CSS is valid here.
2=, symb=
A symbol to display on the left and right sides of the template.
3=, text=
The text to display inside the notification.


  | 1 = #02c5fd
  | 2 = U
  | 3 = This is a sample notification.

  | 1 = #02c5fd
  | 2 = U
  | 3 = This EDIT subject is a '''EDIT_TEXT'''.{{#if:{{{1|}}}| The reasons include: '''{{{1}}}'''.}}<br /><small>This is a detailed notification. More subjects categorized [[:Category:|here]].</small>
}}<includeonly>[[Category:]]</includeonly><noinclude>{{Notify templates/doc}}</noinclude>

U This is a sample notification. U

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