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This template describes the details of the a voicebank. Its dependencies include the parameters Vcolor.

"Voicebank infobox" and "Derivative voicebank infobox" use the same structure. Users are to switch the templates accordingly.


{{Voicebank infobox}}

{{Derivative voicebank infobox}}

==Voicebank distribution==
{{Voicebank infobox
 |Genre    = Unspecified
 |Range    = Unannounced<!--A#0~Z#0-->
 |Tempo    = Unannounced<!--0~0 BPM-->
 |Input    = Unannounced<!--x encoded and x aliased-->
 |Vowels   = Unannounced
 |System   = Microsoft Windows<!--and Mac OS-->
 |Details  = 
* Work in Progress<!--Details, Phonetics, Traits, Issues-->
 |Download = 
* Work in Progress
 |Sample   = Work in Progress - 
[File:Name.ogg] , [url Name]
 |color    = 
==Voicebank distribution==
{{Voicebank infobox
 |Genre    = 
 |Range    = 
 |Tempo    = 
 |Input    = 
 |Vowels   = 
 |System   = 
 |Details  = 

 |Download = 

 |Sample   = 

 |color    = 
Genre =
Type of music genre the voicebank specializes in.
Range =
Type of range - A# ~ Z#
Tempo =
Type of tempo - 0 ~ 0 BPM
Input =
Type of encoding and aliases used.
Vowels =
Type of reclist - CV, CVVC, and so on.
System =
The established operating system the voicebank can work on.
Details =
- Summary of the voicebank's marketed proposal.
- Notable traits with the voicebank.
- Notable phonetic oddities.
- General consumer issues.
Download =
Location to obtain the voicebank(s).
Sample =
Upload OGG file.
color =


Product Information
  Genre: Genre, genre, genre  Range: A#0~Z#0  Tempo: 0~0 BPM
  Input: -- encoded and -- aliased  Vowels: Reclist  System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Package details as noted:

Details, Traits, Phonetics, Issues

Downloads as noted:

[url Name]

Voicebank sample

[File:Name.ogg] , [url Name]

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