Tempest finished

Tempest Ōkaminoto (by DimpleMozhi)

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Blue
  • Headgear: Gold IEMs w/ black cable (optional)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Clothing: Button-up shirt, jeans, zip-up hoodie (grey/blue)

Voicebank Releases

English (ARPASING) (10th April 2017)

NOTE: The [ow] phonetic was recorded to be used as the british-english [oa] phonetic which is not present in arpasing. I recommend you replace this with [ah uw1] to get the original "oh" sound. For example, [h ah][ah uw1][uw m] ("Home"). Don't use [ah uw] for this, because it has a more abrupt transition and doesn't sound right.

I recommend that you use TIPS or Fresamp for the best results. TIPS has had less problems with my voice but Fresamp generally sounds better (though takes a long time to resample).

fresamp produces less noise behind vocals than TIPS. Use flags F0

Japanese (CV) (10th April 2017)

Recommended that you use TIPS as the resampler for this voicebank. If you use fresamp please use the flags F0

Usage Clauses

  • If you use my character or utau, I would like for you to share that of which he is involved in. This isn't demanded of you but I would like you to share productions with this voicebank, as well as fan art made of my character with me. Thanks. Contact @HitCoder on twitter.
  • Covers: No permission needed, please credit HitCoder for voicebank.
  • Original songs: No permission needed, but please credit for voicebank.
  • Art, music or video-esque content: No permission needed, but please credit HitCoder for the character/voice.
  • R18+ content: No permission needed, but please credit HitCoder for the character.
  • Using any banks in a public scenario (expo, event or display) (non-commercially): No permission required, but credit will be necessary.
  • Commercial (earning money from a production involving the voicebank or artwork of the character): Permission required.
  • You may not re-post the voicebank and claim it as your own. You may only source the original link for the voicebanks.
  • You may not use the voicebanks or any of the files/data included with them in any way that violates local, national, or international law. This includes redistributing in a modified format without permission.
  • Failure to comply by these rules may revoke your rights to use any of the voicebanks presented on this page.

for any concerns, questions or enquiries, please inform @HitCoder on twitter. This is a relatively reliable way to get;

> more information

> permission for anything that requires so

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