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Tekio Ekakine (絵かき音 適応 || えかきね てきお) is a voicebank created and owned by JustinC1234.


Tekio's voicebank was recorded on November 14th, 2019 using his creator's normal voice. After he succeeded to make a functional UTAU, he decided to record a second voicebank using a falsetto voice as a joke - the voicebank would later become Tekio's sister, Kuchimoto Ekakine.


Tekio is a teenage vampire who lives in his family's mansion far away from civilisation. He is wary around humans due to his kind's past of being hunted, but nowadays the practice has become uncommon, though he is still cynical and paranoid at times. Tekio is civilized and studious, likes reading and prefers to be left alone. His twin sister Kuchimoto likes to annoy him and interrupt his studies, but he still loves her a lot.

For his BLOODLUST voicebank, he transforms into the form of a giant bat. In this state, Tekio becomes more powerful, but also feral and agressive. He begins to crave the taste of blood and acts with hostility towards everyone except for Kuchimoto. He takes this form when feeling extreme negative emotions, or out of protective instinct if Kuchimoto is hurt.


  • 絵かき音 Ekakine - "Drawing sound" - refers to his creator having an interest in art
  • 適応 Tekio - "Adaptation" - creator named him this due to being his first attempt at making an UTAU voice - therefore adapting.

Related characters

-UTAU- A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night (Tekio and Kuchimoto Ekakine)

-UTAU- A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night (Tekio and Kuchimoto Ekakine)

Demonstration of Tekio and Kuchimoto's voices.

Voicebank information

V1: DL Normal voice.

BLOODTHIRST: DL Voicebank representing Tekio's bat form. He sounds more dehydrated and aggressive, but otherwise retains his quietness.

Terms and Conditions

  • Tekio Ekakine and Kuchimoto Ekakine belong to Justin Chau (also known as JustinC1234, JustinMasterMine and JC1234TheToonist). Anyone else who wishes to use their voice sample or voicebanks must give credit to the creator and list the UTAU's name(s) during usage. Do not claim them as your own nor redistribute them.
  • Do not use Tekio's design nor voicebank for anything inappropriate, hateful or controversial.
  • Fanart, shipping and roleplay of Tekio is allowed, as long as you don't turn the character into something hateful or use him for paraphilia.
  • You may use Tekio and Kuchimoto in choruses or albums, but make sure to credit JustinC1234 as well.


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