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Tashi Kiaru (iKuma SARI Sprite)

'Tashi Kiaru '' 'たし きある


Tashi Kiaru

Name Interpretation:

Came some to was no joke, thats literally all that it could ever translate to!

Visual Representations:

UTAUloid Image I

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UTAUloid Version Number:

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UTAUloid Version Number In Standard English:

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Known Languages:

Japanese, Spanish, English.

Character Item:

Anashiro a wandlike device used as a magical channel when performing incantations.


Four feet, seven inches high.


One hundred and four pounds.


Nineteen years of age.

Date Of Birth:

January eighth, nineteen ninety five.


Tashi Kiaru is a lively teenage girl who loves to converse with her friends by whatever means necessary.  Shell chat with them on social networks, talk to them on video calling services, discuss things over internet based walkie talkie like applications, create an extended series of comments with them in an online phone app game, or even just come up to them in person and enjoy a great debate.  She started a group of magical crime fighters called The Mirai.  However, in Twenty Thirteen, over half of its members lost their magical powers, due to one of them getting too angry and using a curse that heavily damaged the force of the entire alliance. 


Tashi still has her powers though.  She tries her best to only use them for good, but if someone gets on her bad side, shes twenty one point six percent sure to launch a killing curse in their direction.  Tashi Kiaru is the only member of her group that requires the use of an external object through which to channel her magical energy.  This is because she is of such a high power level that it would be the end of the world if she used an unlimited amount of her power at once to perform an incantation on anyone or anything, no matter what its size, strength, or own power level.  So she uses what is known as an anashiro to draw small amounts of power out of her at a time only enough to meet the minimum requirement needed to perform any magical move.


Tashi, as well as the rest of the still magical members of the Mirai, can use their powers in three different ways: attacking あてっく, defending じへんど, and healing ひいる. 


Attacking moves, from weakest to strongest, are called jinxes じんっくす, hexes へっくす, spells すぺおうる, and curses かあす.  Attacking incantations can be used to hurt, or destroy, people, or objects; and they are pronounced quickly, and with the lower to middle section of the higher half of ones vocal range.  They are generally not technically sung, unless their user is weaving an attack incantation into his or her lyrics.


Defending moves are called wards わあど.  Wards put an invisible shield around their users, as well as anybody else whom their users wish to protect in the same bout of magic.  These incantations are spoken at a normal rate, using the mid to lower portions of ones vocal range, and sometimes they are even tactically whispered, to keep any enemies unaware of their use.  Defensive moves can also be used to protect animate or inanimate objects that are not humans, such as valuables or money.  They can be sung, but their would be no purpose to such manipulation, other than via bordum or for ones or others entertainment.


Healing moves are called charms ちああむ.  These incantations are used to heal wounds, as well as to bring the fallen or slain back to life.  They can also be used to cure any illness, or even to repair nonliving objects that have broken or been destroyed, such as buildings, electronics, or furniture; they can even be used to build or create new items out of nothingness, as long as the objects in question are not people, plants, or animals, and therefore can not and shall not have or be given life.  If a charm is misfired and hits something other than its target, something unexpected, yet good, will always happen to whatever it does end up striking.  Charms are always sung or rapped, rhythmically or freely, slowly or quickly, passionately or shyly, and highly or lowly; but they are always reflective of their users current emotions.

Supplemental Information:

Tashi Kiaru has white skin.  She has dark brown hair.  Her shirt is a short sleeved hot pink polo with a plain white tee shirt underneath.  She wears full length blue jeans.  Her shoes are black with brown toes.  Her catchphrase is, よく、 うたお します。”, which translates to English as, “Well, I will sing”; and it is that which appears on her polo.


Tashi Kiaru is blind.

She relies on others to help her move objects and get around town.

She goes to a school that is full of others like her.

Her voice provider, Tally Walker, is friends with the voice provider of Kuma-loid, James Johnson.

To get any meaning out of Tashis last and first name in that order when translating it from Japanese to English on Google Translate, you will have to misspell its romanization into a romaji keyboard, as well as put spaces between all of the syllables.

Even when the above translation method is used, there is no sensable meaning to her name.

Many people view the literally nonsensical meaning of her name to signify that she is insane.

Tashis voice provider can become crazily hyper at times.

Her voice provider has even put some videos of her hyperactivity on the social network of which she is part.

Tally and James are part of the same social network.

James has both dated and dumped Tally, claiming that he made a mistake by ever breaking up with his previous girlfriend in the first place.  He then got together with that girl, but broke up with her on Febbruary Twenty First Of Twenty Fourteen.  James then dated a new girl from February Twenty First until March Tenth of the same year.  He is now single, but he is thinking about going back out with the girl with whom he did from before February Twenty First.

James has ten x girlfriends.  The numbers of times that each gender broke up with the other are perfectly tied, at five.

Tally is Jamess eighth x girlfriend.

Tashis voice bank was recorded over an online walkie talkie like application, with permission from both sides, of course.

Her voice bank was not created through standard syllable by syllable recording.  Instead, an extended series of clips of Tally talking were recorded, and then they were divided up into individual phonemes.  After this division, the respective phonemes were joined together into diaphones to form Japanese syllables.

You can still access the individual phonemes to have Tashi Kiaru speak or sing them at any time in UTAU, simply by entering their correct file names into any spot where you want lyrics.

Tashi Kiarus oto.inis dont need to have been completed to get high quality sound out of her.

All you need to do is compose your song as normal, and when youre done, select all the notes, go to Region Properties, and set the overlap to twenty five milliseconds.

The above method works for any UTAU-loid whose oto.inis havent been created yet.  Go ahead: try it for yourself!

To get her to sing in her most natural sounding voice, make sure to enter the flags F0B0H0Y0g0 in the flags box under Project Properties.

Voice Configuration:

Tashi Kiaru was encoded using Romaji.  In fact, all Tribaloids in her series were.  However, there are a slew of other phonemes that do not use standard Romaji spellings, that were made in case you want her to sing in another language, such as English.

Bonus Features:

There is one awesome feature that is available as of Sunday Octobre The Twenty Eighth Of Twenty Twelve. Starting sometime between then and the Friday before, Tashi Kiaru can be downloaded either to be used with Retro Sound Recorder, OR with UTAU!  A new feature that is available as of Friday Novembre Twenty Third Of Twenty Twelve can be used to fix any and all glitches in any Tribaloids voicebank: The Dictionary Editor! This new feature, made to be used with Retro Sound Recorder, which is included in the Dictionary Editor's compressed slash zipped folder, is an exciting new feature that essentially enables you to add words to Tashis voicebank, sound by sound, enabling you to save any group of sounds to a wav file, which can then be coppied over to her voicebank and rendered as a frequency map. These new words can thus be used in Utau. Technically, this means that you can make Kiaru speak fluent English, even if with a strong Japanese accent. You may notice that when adding words to the dictionary, the pitches of the sounds can be all over the place. Well, don't worry! Utau can automatically adjust ALL of the sounds in added words to the pitch you place the word at in the Utau editor. This means that you should experience little to no problems when setting her pitches when it comes to certain sounds within those words being off key or noisily staticy. One thing you must pay attention to when using the dictionary editor though: If you are adding a word that starts with a consonent, for some reason, you HAVE TO make sure that you CREATE THE FIRST SYLLABLE BACKWARDS, INSURING THAT YOU USE THE INSERT FUNCTION FOR EVERY SOUND FROM THE FIRST CONSONENT TO THE FIRST VOWEL IN REVERSE ORDER, WITHOUT PRESSING THE PLAY BUTTON. AFTER you've created the first syllable BY ENTERING ITS PHONETIC ORDER BACKWARDS WITH THE INSERT FUNCTION, THEN YOU MAY HIT THE PLAY BUTTON TO GO TO THE END OF THE WORD, WHERE AFTER YOU MAY ENTER THE REST OF THE WORD FORWARDS, BY ENTERING EACH SOUND AND THEN USING THE PLAY BUTTON TO BOTH PREVIEW THE SOUND AND GET TO THE END OF THE WORD, SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO STRUGGLE DOING LITERALLY EVERYTHING BACKWARDS. Another thing you must know is that if you are creating english words, you MUST USE THE SHORT VOWEL SOUND LENGTHS PROVIDED IN THE PROGRAM. IF YOU USE THE LONG ONES FOR WORDS THAT CONTAIN MORE THAN ONE SYLLABLE AND OR THAT DON'T END IN VOWELS, THE WHOLE WORD WILL NOT BE HEARD IN UTAU! Other than that, you should be set to go. Oh yeah, and one more thing: PLEASE IGNORE RETRO SOUND RECORDER'S MESSAGE ABOUT A REGISTRY ERROR, FOR IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR USE OF THE DICTIONARY EDITOR OR TASHI KIARU'S RSR VOICEBANK. Windows Vista and 7 users are the ones who will most likely see said error. Those who use earlier operating systems most often shouldn't suffer any annoyances.

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