I put question marks next to the stuff I was unsure of or could not get one translations, I don't use the UTAU or Vocaloid system myself so I didn't fill out the Voice Configuration, I tried as best as I could for the rest, I had alot of trouble but I did it! :D I got the information from a friend of mine, here is the link to her YouTube account. I'm also a huge fan of her's and you can thank her for the information <: I said Akuta was friends with Poine, Poiyo and Ron because they were all made by Matsuda Mattsun (Ron also by Keyl) but I just assumed they were friends, both Matsuda Mattsun and Lost's creator has drawn them together in a 'couple' like way, it may not be canon but they definetly accept it, MissHaro777 also said the farthest back date she could find for Akuta was April 5, she didn't say what year so I left it as that, if you have any problems with the page and it's small stuff or stuff I just stuff I skipped feel free to fill it in >.< 

Matsudappoine (talk) 04:21, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

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