Their VoiceBank can be found at:

The MMD Model can be downloaded at:


IMPORTANT! Please always read the readme file included with an UTAU. Terms and conditions for the use of the UTAU and character are usually enclosed. The readme contents can also be found by going to the Property Voice Window (click the box with the character or UTAU's Logo) and read the contents of the readme file there. Also noted there is the voice range of the UTAU.

  1. Extract the ZIP archive to a designated location or to your Voice folder where UTAU keeps all voice banks (Recommended is the Voice folder)
  2. Go to Project Property.
  3. Click the ellipsis (The three dots) and navigate to Toru's folder.
  4. Click on any of the .WAV files in the folder (Doesn't Matter which)
  5. Tadone Toru will be imported in to the project!

Character Information

Character Name/Meaning

Tadone Toru (多田根徹), Tadone (多度ね) means a hyperactive sound or abrupt and energetic sound. Toru (とる) means a abrupt or piercing nature.


Calm collected but lazy, commonly caught lazying around the house and eating junk food. They are always passive aggressive when it comes to food and their technology. Due to how they act their roommate commonly says "I'm surrounded by Idiots."

Physical Details

They wear a pony tail and have a gas mask on all the time due to it being a emotional support item. They don't like to interact with people. They have bluish green hair and blue eyes. Having a short stature they are average weight for their size. They wear a size twelve shoe an always have on a jacket, t-shirt, and pants. They are commonly confused for a female or male. But no one knows their true gender. They sounds male though, maybe that is a clue. But they also can be seen wearing girls clothing.


Toru likes foods of different kinds, videogames/computers, and music especially metal or rock music. They dislike pop music, annoying people who touch their food/stuff and the technically illiterate (People who can't sue computers or smart phones etc.)

Design Philosophy

Character History

The character is designed off the idea of a non-bionary character design where they could pass as a male or female character. The name of the character is based off my own very obtrusive and loud personality. See above for the name meaning.

Intended Use/Rules

Use Cases

Toru is intended for rock based songs as I am unsure of their ability for pop and or any other genres of songs.


  • Do not claim as your own Toru belongs to Nega-P and SenseiBoredom/UTAUDoge.
  • Do not make any ships with Toru and any underage characters (Toru is above 18 in age)
  • Do not edit their Voicebank or MMD Model without permission. Do not redistribute them.
  • You may Edit with permission from Nega-P for the voicebank and permission from UTAUDoge/SenseiBoredom for the MMD Model.
  • R18 Content is allowed as long as all characters are 18 plus.
  • Make sure to credit when using Toru either with the MMD Model or UTAU Voice Bank (Make sure to see any readme files for details)


SoundCloud Links

Technical Details


Toru is recorded with FL Studio 20 for the Software DAW and a logitech webcam microphone for the hardware. Please note that the sound quality is not the best upon release. Toru was recorded in C scale (C4 Based Note) as such he is suited for the C and accompanying scales.

FL Studio comes with Newtone a pitch corrector for any vocals sung. All notes where corrected as needed with newtone to achieve a uniform note. Please once released inform the corresponding owners with any issues.

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