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Currently Available Appends

  • Tadayoshi Ogawa - Origin (Normal) Download
  • Tadayoshi Ogawa - HairLock Silver (Robotic, serious, clear) Download

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blond, depending on append a strand of hair has a different color.

Headgear:  A blue cap, with a flat top, worn over his headset.

Eye color: Deep blue or Bright blue

Earphones: White headset with a microphone, blue lights and small speakers (appears as small lines on each side).

Dress/Outfit: Black/Dark grey hood-jacket, blue jeans, black "arm-warmers" of a hard plastic/metallic material and has blue glowing lights and stripes, leg warmers made of a soft plastic-like material and has blue glowing stripes. Turquoise (green>blue) street-shoes with white soles. His arm/legwarmers are made of a material that is not known to man, but as mentioned before they appear to be made of some plastic/metallic type of material.

Voice Configuration

Tadayoshi Ogawa [ORIGIN]

  • CV
  • Monopitched
  • PC - Only (as far as I know)
  • Y0H0-flag is recommended
  • Only tested with resampler.exe and fresampler.exe. (resampler.exe is recommended)

Yamashita Michiyo's voice, Tadayoshi's genderbend, is aquired by using the g-20 flag.

Terms of Use

  • Do not use this bank/character for offensive purposes.
  • Do not use this bank/character for sexual/demonic songs! (Musunde Hiraite... , LAVURRRRRATORY, Fox's Wedding, Gigantic O.T.N etc.)
  • Do not claim the bank/character as your own.
  • Do not make pitchloids of this bank.
  • Do not use this bank for songs with exessive amounts of swearing.
  • Credit FridleUTAU (me) if you are using the bank.