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Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Blue
  • Headgear: A blue shades that can display informations
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Headphones: An headphone that connects with blue shades to receive informations
  • Clothing: A black , short coat with a yellow stripes. He have a hand warmer that can produce his antivirus power into a black keris. A long black pants and blue+yellow shoes.
  • Nationality : Malaysian
  • Race: A deceased human+Antivirus.
  • Extra : He have his own outfit version called Libra. His keris weapon turns into a twin labu sayong (gourd-shaped water jars) that used to arrest his enemies.


  • Occupation : An anti-virus software that killing virusses and an idol during his part time


  • Hair : A spiky blue haired
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Headset/Earphones : A black headset that have a glowing yellow "X" design at the back of it.
  • Torso : A white inner shirt. A short black coat  with a yellow stripes. A black tie with a yellow stripe. A yellow pockets on the lower. A trademark "X" on his left chest.
  • Left arm and hand : An arm warmer with a  red circle
  • Right arm and hand : An arm warmer with a  red circle
  • Lower Torso : A long black pants 
  • Shoes : A blue shoes with a yellow stripes.


  • Hair : A spiky blue haired
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Headset/Earphones : A black headset that have a glowing yellow "X" design at the back of it.
  • Torso : A dark blue inner shirt with a libra sign. A yellow "vvvv" sweaters with a black hood.
  • Left arm and hand : One of the labu sayong
  • Right arm and hand : One of the labu sayong
  • Lower Torso : A 3/4 black pants with a yellow stripes
  • Shoes : A black shoes with a yellow stripes.

X-Anon design of T-Bone

Voicebank releases

His voicebank was released on April , 17th 2015. Oto-ed by Reneko. Only CV.

His VB can be download here http://www.4shared.com/zip/H3NLKuv0ba/T-Bone_DONE.html?

Voice configuration

His usual FLAGS are Y0h50C99g+5bre10t90b30 . However, you can edit it if you wanted to.

His range is between B2~A4. I often use C3 for his normal range.

He have a deep voice. A bit shota  and kind of breathy.


Parasite : A Virus(using a human body as a medium) that ran away with a smart kid from the ANTIvirus's top company.

Ronri : A 13 years old kid that ran away with Parasite

Other UTAUloids relations

Reneko and Leneko : A part of his idols partners

Song Cover


  • Rebirthday ( YoutubeSoundCloud )
  • Pierrot ft Reneko  ( Youtube , SoundCloud  )

    Karakuri Pierrot T-Bone cover

    T-Bone's latest cover


( * ) = Re-Covered


  • He was an actual idol when he was a human
  • When he was a human, he is in coma from an accident. His dad (the president of the top ANTIvirus company) take his brain out. Process it into a microchip and use his dead body as a medium
  • His dad manipulate him as a weapon and to cover his death from the fans, his dad told him to continue his idol job as a part time.
  • His main mission is to get rid of Parasite, the powerful antivirus. Parasite actually is a failed Antivirus as she can intercept an orders.
  • His antivirus codename is X-Anon.
  • His real name is Xeris taken by keris/kris.The kris or keris is a distinctive, asymmetrical dagger indigenous to Malaya. Historically, the Kris was originally used as a weapon for Malay self-defense and martial arts. [Kris source ]
  • TRIVIA!! : He is actually a character from the author's story, ViRUS.

Usage Clause

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Author : Ai-Tea

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AiTeaTeaStudio

Deviantart : http://atesazuya.deviantart.com/

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/atesazuya

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